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dom The Dominant (The Submissive #2) by Tara Sue Me | Rating: ★★★★☆

I could be much more than the world thought. We could be much more than the world thought.

There are two sides to every story. In this trilogies case, there are two steamy sides to every story: Tara Sue Me takes things up a notch from the already scorching hot BDSM novel The Submissive, which is the first in a planned trilogy and originally published online; tuning readers into the thoughts of the ever mysterious Nathaniel West and his romance with Abigail “Abby” King.

I have had a long time attachment to her story and am more than satisfied with how fun they are to read. So while it isn’t typical for me to enjoy retellings of a novel from another POV, I was thoroughly excited for this new take–it really and completely works with The Dominant.

It pulls us in the direction of an already familiar story but a fresh, new spin on it–it’s just what the story needed. Although the previous POV is a delight, The Dominant fills in the gaps for us and reminds us that there are two sides to every story. We walk away with a better understand of Mr. West, just as we walked away with awareness on who Abby is in act one.

Taking on a little darker of a tone than The Submissive, readers will be swept away in Nathaniel’s mind and perhaps better understand his previous actions. He’s a flawed character, this is true, but there’s something warm and likable about him when he breaks down his own walls.

I like that both and Abby are flawed but they’re caring and attentive and both, eventually, grow in their relationship. The sexy moments that will leave readers breaking out in a sweat are only a backdrop to the emotional and romantic edge that the story takes on.

The Dominant reminds us what can make relationships of all natures go one of two ways: succeed or fail. Tara Sue Me captures this all perfectly, tugging at our heartstrings, and expanding everything in this retelling.

You’ll route for Nathaniel to gather his thoughts (in the very same way you hope for Abby in her story) and help himself; he’s a very fragile and realistic mind and you can’t help but to like him in spite of his mistakes. I’m glad that he has a family and some friends who truly love him; his aunt, Elaina, Todd, Paul and Jackson.

His interactions with Todd are helpful. I may be a minority in thinking so, but I would really enjoy seeing more of Todd. I also enjoyed the bond he has with his cousin, Jackson and of course the relationship he has with another dom named Paul. Paul really kicks Nathaniel in the ass when he is being a prick (see: Nathaniel’s lack of aftercare when he punished Abby for the first time) and I hope to see more of that dynamic!

It is a bumpy but pleasureful ride for Abigail and Nathaniel. I liked having his point of view; the descriptions of his past and how he came to fall for Abby. Although it’s the same story at its core, The Dominant is an emotional ride and a fantastic addition to the story.

Fans will not be disappointed. I daresay that, like me, they may appreciate The Dominant more than The Submissive, which is painfully surprising for me to admit but true.

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