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Duplicity by Sibel Hodge | Rating: ★★★★☆ (4.5)

A copy of this novel was provided through NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.

Fans of thrillers will certainly fawn over Duplicity and its many twists and turns.Sibel Hodge keeps you guessing in every chapter and will compel you to read until you've flipped to the very last page. What started as a fairytale marriage between a seemingly perfect match ends in tragedy--Alissa and Max have everything a person could ever want, until Max is brutally murdered and Alissa is spared. Readers will follow as the glass shatters and the psychological thrills take place--Hodge weaves it all together like the pro that she is and you'll find yourself lost in her lush prose and the questions that follow. Fans of Gillian Flynn will love the "not everything is as it seems" flow that comes with Duplicity; indeed, it will leave your head spinning with questions as you nod "that makes sense" and wonder how you missed the signs.

Duplicity is the tense and gorgeous, frightening and mysterious, delicious and horrifying. I'm unfamiliar with Hodge's previous works but if it's anything like Duplicity--I'm totally here for it. She knows how to tug at your heart, soul and mind and then toss you flat on your butt. Which is my favourite kind of writing.

I like digging deeper and losing all sense of mu reality, and Sibel Hodge does it perfectly.  Something about this mystery--why was Alissa spared, who killed Max, what does it all mean--is the sort of plot that flows effortlessly and keeps you wondering. The very sort of plot that makes it impossible to put the book down. I'm 98% sure a tornado could have come through my house and I wouldn't have noticed it until it actually picked me up: that's how captivated I was.

I'm not going to say that this is the most spectacular or unique thriller to hit shelves--but it is a standout from the last few years and could very well be the next big thriller. One of the things that comes to mind when thinking about Duplicity is the formula behind it--it's fast, it's smart and it's a totally delicious mind fuck that will leave you with chills and questions. It is impossible to put down and I keep thinking about it--there's something about it that is compelling and intriguing and unforgettable.

Honestly, I'm surprised there's not more buzz surrounding this novel or Hodge as an author. But, I do think this novel is perhaps going to be the one that brings more hype to her work.  

Duplicity is a can't miss thriller--breathtaking and dark. 

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