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Fireworks by Katie Cotugno | Rating:  ★★★★☆ (4.5)

A copy of this novel was provided through Edelweiss by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.

I've never read anything by Katie Cotugno but I have always heard good things about her work. After almost constantly hearing nothing but sweet things about her writing, and finally picking out something of hers to try, I can see why she has such steady fans. Fireworks is a breath of fresh air and pleasantly surprised me when it comes to its genre--it could have gone horribly wrong but something about her prose just makes the experience all the more good.

What made me enjoy Fireworks so much was the nostalgia of it all--Cotugno captured an era I remember fondly and did it a solid. I'd say it falls right smack dab in the middle of clichéd and not. Somehow, it all worked and tangled together spotlessly and kept me feeling a kind of warmth to it. I'm not going to lie and tell you guys this is the most moving novel you'll ever read but it is worth a second look. It reminded me of a lot of childhood memories but it also stays connected with its target audience--while it will feel nostalgic to people my age, it will feel just as captivating and relevant to a younger audience, too. A lot has changed from the 1990s to today--that is time itself--but not enough to make teenagers feel disconnected to the general story.

Something else that strikes me about this, is that Fireworks hits you right in the feels. The kids still say that, right? I'm kidding--well, I'm not kidding. It really does tug on your emotions and leave you feeling the warm and fuzzies.

I'm not sure if this is an accurate comparison, as I haven't read the novel I'm about to mention in a few years, but Fireworks reminds me of Pop Princess by Rachel Cohn. Not necessarily in storyline but in this specific vibe that is both fluffy and realistic. Her writing style is easy to keep focused on and isn't at all lacking in depth. Fans of her previous work will definitely enjoy it but so will a series of newcomers. I'd recommend this to people who love nostalgia fueled works just as easily as I'd recommend it to someone who couldn't care less.

I'm going to be honest, I'm probably partial to this. I grew up in the 90s. I loved the boy-band and girl-group craze that hit. I still do (hello, Fifth Harmony, One Direction and Little Mix!) and that is a big reason why I enjoyed this one. But there's so much more to Fireworks that it would be unfair for me to define this for you without much consideration. I don't want to spoil the plotlines for you or anything, but I will say the novel itself is likable and there's a lot more to it than just its genre.

By the end of Fireworks, one thing was certain: I love this book. And I think a lot of readers will, too. Katie Cotugno really did a beautiful job with this one--it is a fun read. I genuinely had a blast from start to finish and can only find a few things to complain about. Definitely worth a second glance, you guys. A total delight.

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