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The May Queen by Helen Irene Young | Rating: ★★☆☆☆

A copy of this novel was provided through NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.

I think the first thing I need to say is that I wanted to like this one more than I actually did and, perhaps, it is a similar matter of it just not being my cup of tea for one reason or another. You mustn't take my reviews, or anyone else's, as the gospel and instead check this book out for yourself. That being said, I didn't finish The May Queen for one reason or another but I think it was entirely due to its pace and my lack of connection towards the characters or the central plot. 

I just wasn't feeling it from the get-go and I'm not sure what I was expecting or what I was supposed to be expecting. But, it just wasn't my thing. I know, I know, I've probably already said something similar in my already short review and I'm not trying to justify my dislike (or rather, disinterest) in The May Queen. It just failed to connect with me and I put it down only to never pick it back up again. 

But, here's the thing. If you're smart, unlike me, you will go pick up a copy and hopefully listen to my disinterest and spite me. Because it does have promise in its summer and the writing isn't spectacularly horrid--on the contrary, it was quite nice but just not enough for my attention to stay zeroed in. I spent the little bit reading it spacing out and that's just all there is to it.  

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