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Blind Attraction by Eden Summers | Rating: ★★☆☆☆

“I've watched a never-ending line of relationships crumple around me, with each sordid detail publicized to the world. I couldn't stand to hurt you that way.”

Eden Summers' Blind Attraction is just the latest in a string of romance novels I've been trying on for size. It follows a relatively normal and familiar formula: good, sheltered girl falls in with someone unexpected. Tropes like this are hit or miss for me and while I didn't hate Blind Attraction, I wasn't all that fond of it, either.

And while I'm sure it's found its audience and a steady fan base, it just wasn't for me. I felt bored a good chunk of the time despite liking the main characters. Eden Summers' prose is a solid departure from the genre but at the end of the day, I kept walking away from the story and lacked investment in it.

There were multiple times when I thought I wouldn't finish the story and found myself skipping certain parts in it when I couldn't focus.

Which is kind of rare for me. Despite its familiar formula, there were a lot of qualities to it that made it stand out and helped nudge me in the direction of the ending. I liked the idea of spreading your wings and branching out. The romance was merely okay. There were quite a few of steamy moments that made my eyebrows quirk and I appreciated that, but at the end of the day some of it felt very outdated or disinteresting. Blind Attraction was the kind of novel I picked up on a whim and ended up wanting it to be more than it actually was.

Do I think fans of NA will love it? Completely. I think it hits the right marks for fans of the genre and those who want a romantic escape. But other than that, I wasn't quite into it. Personally, it won't ever be my cup of tea and I won't check into any sequels out of lack of interest--but I may revisit Eden Summers writing one day.

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