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Manwhore +1 by Katy Evans | Rating: ★★★★★ 

Be safe with me. Reckless with me. Be who you are with me.

Much like with its predecessor, I found my expectations surprisingly shattered in the best possible way with Katy Evans lovestory. Manwhore +1 is entirely as fun and steamy as Manwhore and this time, there's a lot more romance and resolution to be found. While the story at its core is highly clichéd and a bit unbelievable, it is still likable and captivating. And if you loved the first novel in the series, you'll be positively enamored by the sequel and all the love and growth that materializes before our eyes.

Manwhore +1 is ultimately more heartfelt in its central plot that the first book. It takes a look around and improves itself--the main romance is expanded after they are reunited and make peace with the article and its aftermath. Everything in this novel is put to the test and the growth we see looking back at the start, to that ending, is a great example of what romance writers can learn. I found myself rooting even more for Rachel and Malcolm, something I thought not possible--as I was already cheering them on in the first installment.

Are you ready to be a sinner? Because I know I am. Full of steamy moments and sharp dialogue, Manwhore +1 is in it to win it.

What I loved most about it was not the happy ending we see--but the way that Rachel takes responsibility for what she did with her expose. I loved the aspect of the story taking a turn as a love letter and how despite everything that could have gone wrong, the two work together. There's this sense of "we're better together than apart" to both of them that's realistic, heartfelt and not nearing toxic like other NA romances. Both of them had a very real reaction to their breakup. Devastated. Katy Evans tied it together, though, without making their distance unbearable to readers.

One of the underlying themes of Manwhore +1 is that even when love like their own blossoms unexpectedly, it still takes time. I don't think Malcolm and Rachel will ever take what they have for granted now that they see what life could be if they just work through their problems. And beyond this, I found that the path of self discovery--for Rachel, in particular--was a delight, because by the end of the story it seems she is on the path for true happiness.

Overall, it's a sexy read with a hell of a lot of soul in it. I loved how it balanced in more cute and romantic moments with the steam and the angst. Seeing the plots develop--like, Malcolm meeting Rachel's beloved mother, the subplot in her career and the business was his father--was fun and at the end of the day it's just a solid story to pass the time with. Are there things I would have loved to see changed or developed further?

Sure--but the main objective of Manwhore +1 was served and if you don't take it too seriously, you're going to fall in love with it. Fans of Sylvia Day will find themselves head over heels and captivated by Rachel and Malcolm's romance. Impossible to put down, impossible to forget--I loved it. Entertaining as it is, it will not be for everyone but if you're a fan of NA romance this book will own you.

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