Review: plastic heart. by Jessyca Thibault

4:24 PM

plastic heart. by Jessyca Thibault | Rating: ★★★★★

"The world dances in your eyes."

UGH. I am so proud of how far Jessyca has come this year with her trilogy of poems. plastic heart. is, without a doubt, her best release yet and just as moving as you'd expect it to be. Thibault's signature prose is as present as ever: honest, raw, thought-provoking and utterly stunning. She will grip you with such simple words and leave a lasting impression.

This is what poetry is meant to be. This is what poetry will always be: life. Impressionable. Thought-provoking. At times so real, it's almost painful and sometimes joyous. In 2018, we've gone on a journey with Thibault and seen her at various highs and lows. There's a bravery in expressing one's self, and Jessyca Thibault has a tone to her that sets her apart from her peers.

As always, I spent a good chunk of my reading experience highlighting various parts that stood out or spoke to me. It is my favourite part about prose--seeing something in their words that reflects parts of you right back at you. Thibault's already poignant expressions become even moreso with plastic heart., with lines that brush against your very soul. "Words mean nothing / When they are abused for everything." being one of my favourites in the collection.

Modern poetry has come a long way. It's minimal in appearance, but striking in its brutal honesty. I'm a little biased about Thibault's work, but it's only because it's impossible to ignore the spark that she carries in all that honesty.

Other notable highlights:

  • "People don't remember / Your intentions / They remember / Your actions." 
  • "So I sat and screamed / In silence / Self-destructing politely." 
  • "And there she is / Sitting on the floor / Where she was yesterday / And yesterday's  yesterday / And the yesterday before that / Wanting to stop time / Wishing she could catch up to it." 
  • "So maybe the heart / Isn't the important part / Maybe it's the feeling." 
  • "Dreams don't scare me / My reality does." 
At risk of just posting snippets of various lines in plastic heart., I'll leave my review with a simple note: if you love poetry, and haven't picked up one of Jessyca Thibault's releases, now is the time. You're missing out on something remarkable.

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