(Spoiler free!!!) Review: Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare

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Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare | Rating: ★★★★★

Did I spend the very last of my money on this book? Think about who you're dealing with here. Think a little harder. I ABSOLUTELY spent the last of my money on this. Who needs food when you have Shadowhunters. I wasn't kidding when I said Cassie's basically got me in a choke-hold. It's all fun and games until a demon comes and bites your left eyebrow off. Which is kind of how Queen of Air and Darkness left me feeling--like a demon bit my left eyebrow off. But, like, in a fun, "I can always draw them back on" satisfying way.

I tried to read it slowly. Really, I did. I was like, "Jessica. You're going to regret reading this too quickly." And then I was like, "Jessica. Don't listen to yourself. You can't be trusted. You're having a conversation with yourself when you could be reading Queen of Air and Darkness." Some points were made, right? I made a very valid point. So, I inhaled it.

SO. Queen of Air and Darkness, first of all, ripped my rune necklace off and poked me in the eye with it. Which, again, satisfying. Truly. 10/10 would be stabbed by a necklace again.

Like I mentioned to Loretta the other day, CC fans are always, like, getting stabbed in the soul by her books but we keep crawling back, whimpering, "Please, ma'am? May I have another?"

That was basically how I approached the book. Lord of Shadows destroyed me. Queen of Air and Darkness furthered that destruction but then pulled a total sour patch kids moment by giving me the warm and fuzzies.

First it was sour, then it was sweet. Cheers, Cassie. You're officially a sour gummy child. I've just revealed your ultimate secret. Feel free to toss me in a dumpster. Back where I belong. I have no idea why I'm babbling. I'm feeling a little hysterical? And like 500 different Shades (find the pun, if you've finished Queen of Air and Darkness) of EXHAUSTED, HEARTBROKEN and BOOKISH HUNGOVER.

.(Which, in the case of Queen of Air and Darkness, is arguably worse than ACTUAL hangover.)

What I expected from Queen of Air and Darkness, and what I got from it, were completely what I had signed up for. The Dark Artifices has been such a thrilling series, I can't imagine the Shadowhunter world without it. This was fast paced, romantic, exciting, confusing, heartbreaking, and basically every emotion in existence. Queen of Air and Darkness is Cassandra Clare at her very best.

And probably the most thrilling installment in The Dark Artifices.

Stay tuned later this week for my 101 Thoughts I Had During Queen of Air and Darkness
 post--which, unlike this review, WON'T be spoiler free. 

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