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pg Paperglass (TWP #2) by A.R. Ivanovich | Rating: ★★★★☆

“Love can transform the most sensible person into a blindly brave fool.”

As a note, an e-galley of this novel was sent to me via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.  

One year after the events of Haven, A.R. Ivanovich’s The War of Princes series continues with its second installment, Paperglass. It’s time to say hello to familiar faces and expand our knowledge of this world. Buckle up, kiddos, it’s going to be a long and bumpy ride in the best possible way.

With new plots and dangers, Katelyn (who has only just now graduated high school) is forced on a mission to the outside world to use her gift to find a group of missing people from her home. Initially, she doesn’t accept this position, but when she is told her mother is one of the missing–her mother who abandoned her all those years ago–she allows the pull to move her search.

There are a few things that fuel this mission. Her knowledge that she would be the only one able to find them and find their way around the outside world, as she had been there previously, the fact that Sterling betrayed her abilities to his father (his ability being he can sense others powers) and a small fight with one of her best friend’s, Ruby.

And maybe a little bit of desire to see her love, Rune, again.
Determined as ever, armed with some helpful items and her own sense of bravery, Katelyn embarks on her mission and follows the pull without telling anyone she is leaving. Shockingly, nearly the moment she arrives in the familiar territory that certainly haunts her, she is greeted by Lord Brendon’s men and taken to his home.

While there, Brendon and her have some moments of humorous banter and conversation. I actually enjoyed him this time around and kind of wish he was one of her love interests, but you win some you lose some. I felt greatly for him–how the children of his area were taken, how his brother is currently living in a cell due to his betrayal.

But upon her arrival, and the fact that he knew she was here, Katelyn’s biggest question for him is: “How did you know I was back?” and his reply is simple.

He found something of hers.

Enter Katelyn’s friends, who followed her to the outside world in an effort to keep each other safe. Hello: Ruby, Sterling and Kyle.

Katelyn is naturally thrown by this and fears for her friends safety, as are we as readers; they’re determined to accompany her on the mission she came for regardless. It’s easy to see in that moment why they are all friends and how they just fit together. They’re all brave and protective and just different enough to keep things in line.

Planning for the mission comes forth. They are to leave as quickly as possible. But there’s a catch: Ruby must stay behind and Dylan, yes that Dylan, must go with them.


Armed with a ship and a pilot, the group begins their trip but not without a few hitches in their plans. We’re introduced to a new character, Carmine, and the discovery of a lot more information than we’d expected. Including what happened when Katelyn left, what powers to expect of Kyle and other things.

We see the world expanded as Katelyn poses as a historian doing research and flattering a Margrave. Dylan and Katelyn successfully fool the woman and move forth with their plans. In between plotting, searching for the missing, and waiting for the ship with Kyle and Sterling to dock, Katelyn finds herself face to face with a familiar man.

Rune. There are always complications between the two so expect a little angst and an unfortunate greeting between the two loves. Not to mention Dylan and Rune, you know, not being fond of each other. But the sparks are still there and haven’t faded much in the year that has passed. Rune soon decides to help Katelyn on one condition: a favor of his own.

Did I mention he’s part of a rebellion? And that things are actually going relatively solid with it? As solid as they can be, I mean. Near the end of the novel, more happenings with all of that appear and it seems to only grow.

When Kyle and Sterling finally arrive safely, Katelyn knows it’s time to get down to business.

Together, this group works their way into discovery and are shocked by what they find. All the team members are dead except for one; Professor Block, one of Katelyn’s former teachers. And as it turns out… Katelyn’s mom wasn’t on the mission and was back home all along.

New abilities that are explored here and there: Sterling’s other power is that he can make people relive memories. Kyle’s first power to surface is for healing. Both of which come in handy during the last quarter of the book.

All and all, the action of this one is far more superior than in Haven. Katelyn has grown so much, Rune has lost so much that he has changed bit by bit (his family died, including his little sister), Dylan’s haunted and bitter by what both he and Katelyn did in the previous novel. I have to say that the growth in all three of them was phenomenal and it was just a delight to witness.

I liked the addition of Ruby, Kyle and Sterling to the plot and seeing their views of the outside world. Kyle is intrigued and frightened but definitely into the technology out there. Ruby is only in about a quarter of the novel but her final scenes are very important and show how big her heart is. Sterling is a bit more fish out of water than the rest and definitely mirrors Katelyn’s reactions to this world.

Prepare for your hearts to break near the end. There’s a death and it will really pull on your heartstrings. It surprised me only a little but it was still devastating to see that person drained and watch them meet their end. I can’t wait for the next novel to see the groups adventures continue now that Rune is with Katelyn and her surviving friends.

This novel proves the point that sometimes sequels can be even more fun (and devastating) than our first introduction to the fictional worlds. Paperglass succeeds in making readers fall in love with its descriptive words, entertaining characters and thrilling mysteries.

I would recommend this series to anyone looking for a good solid adventure. Paperglass is as unique and imaginative as it is entertaining, romantic and heartfelt.

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