The Best of 2015

6:24 PM

GOODBYE, 2015!
Thank you for all the phenomenal releases.

Okay, so the year isn’t over yet but I felt pretty confident in posting this now, nearly a month ahead of schedule. Mainly because I don’t have any more books with a 2015 release date to add from my to-read pile (that would actually get finished by New Years) and all that jazz. Also because I don’t trust myself to post it on time unless it’s early.

*As a note: I'm not including the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone or the retelling of Twilight, Life & Death mainly because those options would be glaringly obvious when it comes down to my favorites. I wanted to give the others more space on my blog because there was so much to be discovered this year. I'm also not including books that I've read this year from previous published dates--that will be an entirely different list, if I should have the time.

Sh. Just roll with it. Pretend my logic is really there, guys.

As for the rest...

Let's be real: picking your favorites in a sea of really great releases isn't all that fun. It's like picking a favorite child. You just can't do it. So fellow readers will nod along when I say: it isn’t easy to pick just a few when you’re a massive bookworm but I did manage to narrow it down a bit. A little bit. Is 30 books considered little? Whatever. Who cares! Here are my top 30 releases of 2015, in no [real] order. I'm serious though on the lack of order, guys--I cannot bring myself to put them in order, it's nearly impossible so the list is going to be in whatever order Goodreads has it.

You can view my shelf of 2015 favorites here on Goodreads. Or, if you can’t view it there you can follow me down the rabbit hole...

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