The Lying Game (Series) by Sara Shepard: A Picspam

12:43 PM

Earlier this year, I found myself drowning in Sara Shepard's awesome and thrilling (and stylish!) The Lying Game books. Even months after finishing up the series, I still find myself with a bit of a book hangover--oh, how I miss Sutton Mercer and Emma Paxton and all the horrible things that occurred throughout the series. The Lying Game is spooky, luxurious and incredibly heartbreaking, it's impossible to not love/miss it! Long live the queen of fluffy and suspenseful young adult fiction, Sara Shepard!  

Reading (and in some books cases: rereading) the series lead to one of my funnest edits via Tumblr, a picspam of what I envisioned the books to look like, had they had a proper adaptation. This isn't to say ABC Family's take on the books all those years ago wasn't good, it was just--you know--absolutely nothing like the books. 

(I do miss it, as well, for obvious reasons. It was one of ABCF's better shows and was cancelled far too soon. R.I.P.!)

But here we go! You can reblog from my original post here, if you have a Tumblr account. Or you can simply view it, here, on my blog.
I understood then. We were a constellation.
We would always be together.

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