Review: Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan

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Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan | Rating: ★★★☆☆

Well, this was a rather mediocre end to a fantastically fun and dishy series. Crazy Rich Asians has quickly become my latest literature addiction and is one of the best beach reads a girl could find. In fact, I have not felt this much energy and fun in a novel of this genre since Gossip Girl was released all those years ago. I still stand by the fact that this series is the perfect thing for fans to now devour and although there were a lot of things I'd have changed about Rich People Problems, it was still a blast to read--even when it was tripping over itself. Which was, unfortunately, more than a few times.

Kwan still has that deliciously devious tone to his writing that is like indulging in gossip. There's all sorts of drama going on in the luxurious lives of these characters and that's what makes it so fun to dive into. It's the perfect predecessor to Gossip Girl and The A-List and there's some-thing incredibly smart in it. Some of the characters you love and admire, some you find to be the most insufferable people.

Either way, you're engrossed in their lives and wonder what could possible happen next. Stylish and full of life, it takes you away from the ordinary and you can't help but to laugh often. Kevin Kwan has a prose that is hilarious, sweet and sexy--oh it is definitely reminiscent of a gossip column, without the complete airhead tone one might expect.

This is definitely a water cooler read. Do people still say that? Or should I say, "The novel you and your girlfriends will be disgusting over a bottle of wine on the weekend"? Either way, it's just so fun. Rich People Problems doesn't take itself seriously but the characters sure do and boy, do they mean business when it comes to their money and families and such?

There were a few problems I had that took my rating down quite a bit: the ending felt rushed, to be honest. I wanted to know where the characters went next and to actually see it develop instead of a time jump. Eddie is redeeming himself, but we see very little of that. What does the future hold for Astrid and Charlie, now that Isabel and Michael (thank fuck) are out of the picture? What will Nick and Rachel name their child? Is Kitty ever going to mellow out? What was happening in the flash-backs of Nick's parents back when he was a child? All that fighting?

It just felt like a lot was left unanswered and it lacked fulfilling its potential.

Rich People Problems wasn't all that bad. I loved seeing Rachel put her foot down when the delightful (ha!) relatives of Nick were being invasive. I loved seeing Astrid and Charlie work and grow into their own after reuniting and putting up with their respective former spouses being, ah, gross? Kitty being so determined to continue social climbing and put Colette in her place was fun, too.

Most importantly: Nick's grandma's backstory. It was so intriguing, I wish we'd had an entire book dedicated to the development of her history. There was something deeply moving about it. Which made it all the more sad to say goodbye to her by the end of her timeline. Something about her and what we knew, and continued to know, was magnetic and I really appreciated the way Kwan tackled it and the tangled relationships of the entire family.

Although there were a lot of things I would have changed or didn't like, it really was an addictive and hilarious read. If you're looking for something dishy and sweet, with a hint of substance, this one is definitely for you!

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