Review: The Walking Dead Vol. 08, Made to Suffer

4:00 PM

The Walking Dead: Vol. 08, Made to Suffer by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn | Rating: ★★★★☆

As always, The Walking Dead kicks things up a notch with the next installment. It asks questions of humanity--who would we, the ordinary, be in such dire circumstances. One thing is certain: we'd be forever changed.

Following the events and cliffhanger of the previous volume, the survivors find themselves with a brand new (and in some cases, old) threat ready to take everything away from them. We've got classic horror abound! Disturbing villains, questionable good guys who only want to survive, and just about every gory trope in the book. But that's what we love about the series, right? The shock, the terror, the idea that what is old (the tropes) can become new again?

In this volume--it's all there. Moreso, it is utterly heartbreaking. We're talking, "Hey. Do you want to just take my heart out right now and shatter it?", levels of madness and pain. We lose quite a few of the characters we'd come to love and two are just so far beyond heavy and disturbing, I cannot begin to describe my graphic novel hangover--which is funny because this is NOT my first read of the series.

Overall, a great read for someone looking for a scare.

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