Instagram Roundup: June 2017

4:25 PM

Honestly, I don't know what it is about June but it makes me so nostalgic. I think it's all the summer air that makes me think of middle and high school. Regardless, I get more than a little nostalgic in the month of June. Sometimes, places and settings and seasons and songs and books make you remember the past. As a whole, I must have a lot of good and bad memories associated with the start of summer. Who knows. June was a hit or miss month for me when it came to book photography (or photography in general) but I did start going to the library more (for the first time since high school) and had an old friend of mine drop in for the first time in almost a decade.

(Hey, Paige! Remember when we started book blogging together? She--and my friend Jane--are where it all began for Booked J. Back then, we were BOOKED JJP!) 

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