Review: Roxy's Story by V.C. Andrews

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Roxy's Story by V.C. Andrews | Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ (1.5)

Although the second book in The Forbidden series, a prequel leading into the end of Forbidden Sister's central plot-line, is immensely better than its (highly dull) predecessor it is still a deeply flawed and sloppy attempt at a novel. Roxy is far more fascinating to read about than Emmie, this much is true, tripping over itself on multiple occasions. I had a lot of problems about it--the pacing, the lack of actual development, the shortage of anything remotely campy beyond the escort plot.

Needless to say, I wasn't a fan. Another problem I had with this book was its excessive use of 'what-ever' which, I have no actual problem with such a mundane phrase and say it frequently myself. It just felt like it was constantly thrown about in the conversations and not just characters who were younger. I wouldn't think twice if it was merely Roxy consistently tossing it about but it was literally every character, including the professional ones who were apparently meant to be much more eloquent than they were. But, if you were wondering, this was irrelevant to the central points of the story and are neither here nor there at the end of the day.

That being said, I can't stress enough how bland this era of V.C. Andrews* is. I'm not going to stop saying things like, hey, maybe we should stop using her name as a property when she is long dead. I don't have the energy to continue saying this. There were times in Roxy's Story that felt all too familiar and generic; there were times when it felt like a classic spin on V.C. Andrews' lush and creepy, campy dramatics, but for the most part this was one of the worst novels I've read this year. I had moments where I was truly invested in it (Roxy's training, her relationship/friendship with Mrs. Brittany and her ill granddaughter) but for the most part it was utterly forgettable and not only lacked any coherency, it was just pointless.

If you're going to flesh out a character--the only one from the series who has even the smallest bit of intrigue to them--you shouldn't half-ass it. Ultimately, that's all Roxy's Story was: a half ass attempt at an origin story.

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