Wednesday Wandering: What Blog Entries I'm Reading This Week + More

8:00 AM

Where you going, Jessica? ON A BLOG READING BINGE, THAT'S WHERE. And hoo boy, these bloggers are on fire right now.

Wednesday Wandering is just a fancy title for Jessica Infrequently Posting Entries She's LOVING. Because, reasons. Also, I feel like there's never enough love and appreciation coming from our little community.

(There's love, don't get me wrong, but I want to spread a little more.)

So, to catch you up to speed, here are some blog entries that I've been digging in the last week. This will not be only limited to book bloggers and may have a little lifestyle sprinkled in. Sometimes, I'll include other spotlights such as Instagram related stuff. As this is the first time I'm posting this, I'm mostly sticking to bookish related stuff.

  • Loretta over at Laughing Listener made the amazing THE IDENTITY CRISIS tag which combines everyone's favourite things. An identity crisis, book quizzes and tags! Hoorah! 
  • When I was catching up on Cornerfolds the other day, I spotted her using the Do I Have That Book? Tag which originated on Booktube by Keeping Tabs and has made its way into the book blogging world via Erica Robyn Reads. Which I OBVIOUSLY have to do. 
  • Since Taylor Swift's new song is out and is basically my new feel good anthem slash morning jog song, I think it's worth mentioning the Wonderstruck Tag that Devon tagged me in a few weeks back. The tag was created by Olivia over at Purely Olivia back in January--and is a definite must-use tag for Taylor Swift fans in the reading community!

Have any bloggers, tags, booktubers, reviews or entries you've been loving this week? Feel free to share in the comment section! I'm always looking for some blog hopping goodies to explore.

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