Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Read Because of Another Blogger (#48)

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You know that feeling you get when you see someone talk about a book so much, you're like OKAY FINE I'M SOLD TAKE MY WALLET ALREADY @ *insert publishing house or author here* and suddenly you have fifty-five new books and approximately no money left?

This weeks topic was meant to be: Character Freebie (any topic you want that deals with book characters!) but I wasn't sure what to write about. My creativity level was very low. This was entirely because of the fact that my caffeine intake today, too, WAS VERY LOW.

So, I dived into the older topics and decided on Books I Read Because of Another Blogger instead.

The book blogging community is a wonderful place. It just so happens it also adds more to our TBR stack because SO MANY BOOKS, SO LITTLE TIME. I'm grateful for it because not only have I genuinely learned a lot from so many of you, we've also been able to give books exposure for a new audience.

A lot of the books that I've read in recent years are ones that I never thought I would. Or rather, I wouldn't have picked out on my own for one reason or another. Ones that my fellow bloggers are constantly hyping up. It's easy to fall into our own pattern of preferred reading and I'm guilty of doing that a lot--when I love a genre, I get consumed by it and want to read ALL OF IT.

A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas 

I know, I know, there's a lot of problematic elements in SJM's work and the way she handles herself. I'm still trash for this series--WHICH SHOULD NOT BE LABELED AS YA AND I'M FOREVER ANNOYED BY THAT. Still, I love these books. If I believed in guilty pleasure and had any shame at all, that's what this series would be: a guilty pleasure. And honestly, I'd have never picked it up on my own if you guys hadn't recommended it to me a dozen times over.

 The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer 

When I came back to blogging years back, Cinder had just been released and was ALL OVER book Tumblr. Booklr. Whatever it's called. I was skeptical about it at first--namely because I wasn't into the whole fairy-tale retelling thing. I decided to give it a go when the hype got louder and I came around to retellings a bit more.

 Every book that Gillian Flynn has published

I'm so grateful for the hype surrounding her work. Both in the book blogging community and out. At first, I was nervous to read any of her novels because they're a particular brand of thriller and at the time, it was daunting to me. I'm so glad that I did because Sharp Objects is one of my favourite books of all time. And I've enjoyed (see: loved) her other novels as well.

What are some books that you've read because of other bloggers? (Or friends, family, etc...)

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