Sunday Post #3: A Little of This, A Little of That

2:15 PM

It feels like this week went faster and slower all at once. Isn't it weird when it does that? You blink and suddenly it's Sunday again. Half a blink later, it's Tuesday. Then, it's Friday. That's what this week felt like.

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To be honest, it felt like after Pride everything was moving quickly and normally again.

Then, the other night, I gave the dogs a bath and, while brushing one of them (Primrose) I felt what I thought was a knot on her upper ear. When I looked, it was actually a bright red bump/lump--very small, not unlike the fatty deposits she has, and it freaked me out. The only visible difference being this one is a really angry red colour and the others are flesh toned (thus, the others are harmless) and B-O-Y did I almost lose my mind.

It's not a bug bite or acne, as far as I can tell. I contemplated it being a blister due to its appearance and colour, but I'm just not sure. And I was like, you know what, I'm not gambling this. You know? 

Naturally, I called the vet straight away and this particular office is really nice. I've taken all my pets there throughout my life--or rather, when I was a kid, my parents took them--and they are always kind and work with people financially. I'll never forget the horrible time my childhood dog was ill. They took care of him in good faith that we'd pay them back. When he passed away, they were so good to us. I'm getting off track--the point is, the two that I talked to at the office were really nice and assuring.

I have a vets appointment scheduled for her to get a biopsy but that's not until NEXT Saturday. Until then, I'm just on edge. I guess the only thing that's keeping me calm on that is that she (a) acts fine and is still eating and seems otherwise unbothered by it. (b) My other dog, Elle, is usually pretty in it when it comes to sickness. If you are slightly sick around her--animal or human--she'll sniff you and whimper and stay with you. She isn't doing that with Primrose. Instead, she's trying to hump her.

So, I'm hoping that's a "good" sign. I guess until then, I'm going to ask you guys to keep my dog in your thoughts and send positive vibes just to be safe. It's tough not knowing. At least I know that if it's serious, I hopefully caught it early enough. And hopefully they will, too. Of course, I hope it's not serious above all else.

As for last week--I have had a bit much on my plate so my comment skills slipped again BUT I will be back on it this week. Pride was really fun, but some idiot almost threw up on a dozen people. (I think he puked on a poor, unsuspecting dog?) Who gets drunk before noon on a Sunday? That person, apparently. Other than that, and the heat, and the rain that hit after the parade, it was a lot of fun.

The rest of this week was spent binging the new season of Stranger Things (I have a problem with watching new episodes WAY TOO QUICKLY) and making sure Primrose didn't have a panic attack over the fireworks. Oh! And I wasted a bit of the day Friday by watching that 24/7 Classic Doctor Who channel on PlutoTV. Which is free and a complete revelation for me.

I've already seen a lot of the episodes they've aired but fortunately for me I caught a few episodes with Sarah Jane Smith as the companion--who is my all-time favourite companion and character in Doctor Who. Yay!

Enough babbling--here's the Sunday Post.

Top Ten Tuesday: Childhood Favourites
Book Blitz, Excerpt + Giveaway: Fractured Sleep
Cover Reveal: The Solitary Queen by Nissa Leder
Cause: A Gift for Cait (pageiwthaview) + Brittney's Fundraiser 

Saw this in the city and oh my gosh, it's SUCH a charming little read. I'm already hoping that I can buy a finished copy and deposit it elsewhere in the city so a young reader gets a brand new one.

I ended up going to the library Saturday out of pure anxiety. When in doubt, go to the library. That's how I ended up with three books. Actually, I was hoping they'd have a cast recording of The Light in the Piazza. I was thinking about the way it made me feel the first time I heard it (I cried, if you were wondering, which was embarrassing because I was in band practice and in junior high) and ended up listening to some audio clips of Dove Cameron in it. Which made me swoon (the girl can SING) and also want to hear the studio recording that made me fall in love with the show in the first place.

 Hope everyone had a wonderful week!

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