Cover Reveal: The Solitary Queen by Nissa Leder

8:21 PM

If you follow my Instagram, you've already seen the reveal! If not, HI! It's time for the beauty that is The Solitary Queen to totally own you. I've been staring at this cover LITERALLY ALL DAY because, in the words of Lizzie McGuire the Wise: "This is what dreams are made of." Can we all just agree that Nissa Leder's books have the PRETTIEST covers?

I'm so beyond excited to dive into this series. Whims of Fae is one of my favourites And Nissa Leder had me at "spin-off" and "WITCHES" if we're being honest, here. 

About the first book in the WHIMS OF WITCHES series:

When Eden discovers she has magic, she’s thrown into the middle of a supernatural world she never knew existed.⁣⁣
Everything was normal in Eden Brooks' life until two weeks ago, when in a moment of frustration, she threw a remote across the living room at her twin sister—with her mind. But that’s not all. Somehow, she can make water boil and start a fire without a match.⁣⁣
At first, Eden keeps her newfound abilities a secret. Until she meets Nox at the park near her house. He’s mysterious, witty, and not bad to look at. But more than that, he has magic of his own.⁣⁣
But as Eden gets to know him, she learns his powers aren’t the same as hers and that his motives aren’t as selfless as he pretends. When her dad sees the two of them together, he forbids her from seeing him ever again.⁣⁣
Soon, she learns truths about her father she never thought possible, leading Eden to question everything she knows.⁣⁣



Books have always been a part of my life. One of my youngest memories is of my mother reading me the Laura Ingles series as I imagined I rode along with Laura in a wagon and on to a new life with my family.  Books were an escape that allowed me to live a million lives I’d never have a chance to live, to learn a million lessons about life without having to make a million mistakes.

One day, I realized I wanted books to be an even bigger part of my life. I wanted to create them myself and help others in their creation.  After years of learning on my own, I spent two years studying the craft of writing at Spalding University to obtain my Master of Fine Arts degree, which helped me grow both as a writer and as an editor. 

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