Causes: A Gift for Cait (pagewithaview) + Brittney's Fundraiser

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For those of you who are active on Instagram, you likely know of Cait and her account. Even if it's just in passing. Recently, her father has posted updates on her and her health and ongoing battle with Lyme Disease--moreso, has requested help from her followers in finding specific items. Today, her friend Brittney (who you likely know as reverieandink on Instagram and other social media under the same name) began a fundraiser in an effort to help Cait and her family out in this trying time.

This community is one of the most warm and loving ones I've ever had the pleasure of being apart of. Which is why I hope you, too, will be able to lend a helping hand to Cait and her family.

Take the time to read her father's posts and then direct yourself to the fundraiser that Brittney, her friend, is hosting. I will be donating a little cash when I can after payday, but until then it'd be great if anyone could pitch in.

And because I do not know Cait personally, I'm keeping this short and reiterating what has been said by her family and friends as a signal boost. If for some reason you cannot access the posts/updates directly from Cait's dad, or Brittney's GoFundMe, I will copy and paste them so you can view it:

Post One: 

She’s still alive and hanging in there, but the complexity of the brain injury from Lyme on top of the escalating health situation she’d been enduring for the past decade means she won’t be returning to the internet for a long time.  Cait really does miss all of you and is so thankful for the amazing people she met and the opportunities she had with book blogging.  All of her books, merch, ARCs, and shelves went to a couple small libraries in rural Wisconsin, so maybe you’ll see some of it pop up in new bookstagram accounts! 

Post Two: 

Hi, this is Cait’s dad again with some quick last updates & requests. First, if someone out there happens to have an old American Girl doll or outfit they no longer want and are looking to pass along, could you please email I know this is a bit of a long shot, but it would help Cait’s recovery process a lot.

One small part of her health situation is that her brain became increasingly hypersensitive to ordinary things over the past decade to the point where almost every food, scent, metals and finally electronics would cause seizures or life-threatening reactions. It’s hard to briefly convey what’s happening, so I’ll just say Cait spent 10 months patiently sitting, eating, and sleeping isolated in the same spot on the wood floor of her almost-empty bedroom.

The miracles that have happened with a new treatment program this spring are difficult to convey because they look like such tiny steps, but please know this is the most hopeful progress yet and prayers are definitely being answered (so thank you)! Changing Cait’s clothes is still too challenging, but she is now able to tolerate standing and talking, and can lift and hold objects!

I was thinking changing doll clothes would be a good way for her to have colors, visual change, choices, and a connection to the outside world. She’s been in love with those American Girls dolls and books for most of her life (and evidently that dream never faded), so I thought I’d throw this idea out there just in case.

Caitlin has a new favorite AG character...Nanea  ( Hope I got that right) Hawaiian girl. Caitlin loves Hawaii, that time period, the clothes.

Information On Brittney's GoFundMe: 

Hi all!

This is Cait's friend, Brittney. For those of you who know Cait (or follow her Instagram/Goodreads/etc @pagewithaview), she's one of the most supportive, kind people in the book community. Cait battles Lyme disease, like I do, however, it's taken an extremely challenging turn on her. I'm going to post the latest updates from her father below, regarding her health, from her Instagram account. But what I would really love to do is offer some financial support to Cait and her family (and her treatments) as much as possible, so if anyone is willing and able, any additional help is so very much appreciated! (Her family has full access to this account.)

Additionally, Cait's dad has a request for American dolls/clothes which I am also pasting below. If you would like to contribute a doll or doll clothes, please email me at

 In Summary/How You Can Help: 

  • Spread the word. Whether it is by sharing via various social media platforms, i.e., Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, your blog, or simply word of mouth. Direct anyone you can to Cait's Instagram page, Brittney's GoFundMe or any of the above's contact information. Always check one of those pages from information on how you can help and where to send said help.
  • If you do happen to find any of the American Girl doll clothing, or the Nanea doll, please contact Cait's dad via email: or Brittney via
  • Donate even the smallest sum you can manage to Brittney's GoFundMe to help out financially. Cait's family gave the okay-go to Brittney hosting this particular fundraiser and any little bit counts. As someone with health issues, I do mean that any little bit counts and helps in these types of situations. We all know how high cost it is managing our health and honestly? It always helps to have a little of the weight off our shoulders when it comes to the financial bits of it all.
 Thank you!

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