All the Lovely Pieces Could Be Your Next Thriller Obsession | Review: All the Lovely Pieces by J.M. Winchester

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All the Lovely Pieces wasn't quite what I expected, but I think it will find its audience quite quickly and Winchester's writing is certainly twist and bleak.


Motherly love can drive her to the absolute edge…

For nine years, Drew Baker has been running from her brutal husband and the dark deeds of the night she left him. Focused on protecting her ten-year-old son, Drew reluctantly settles into a small town, eager to find proof of her husband’s true nature so she can stop looking over her shoulder.

But Drew is also on the run from her own terrible crimes—ones that mean prison and separation from her son should the police catch up to her before her husband does. If only she could remember that night and what really transpired…

Without warning, the unthinkable happens, and Drew is plunged into the most nightmarish situation a woman and mother could imagine. Desperate to save her child, Drew takes matters into her own hands, proving that anyone is capable of darkness, and nowhere is safe for those who fear themselves.

All the Lovely Pieces by J.M. Winchester 
Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2.5-3 stars)

As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way.

As always, as with most thrillers, please check into any trigger warnings before reading. This does include some heavy and dark matters that will be triggering for some readers.

This wasn't necessarily a bad book, but it wasn't my cup of tea in the end. In the beginning, All the Lovely Pieces has all the makings of an unforgettable thriller. It's packed tightly with so many intense qualities and is fast to mess with your mind. However, I felt that there were times where the story lost its own steam and stumbled bit by bit.

At its core, All the Lovely Pieces is about escaping the past and what memories lurk beneath the surface. Nothing is fully certain and the unreliable qualities is what made the novel intriguing in novel's good. You can feel the fear bubbling beneath the surface in the narration and it sets the tone well enough. Winchester has this great prose that toys with readers and is very psychological, which will surely make this a hit.

This novel is a thriller, indeed, but it is also about life and wishing for a sense of normalcy. I really liked the grittiness we get to see throughout the novel. Winchester provides us with characters that are complex and some eternally evil. In all its faults, the characters are ultimately what saves the day and kept me from DNF the story as a whole.

I think that most of my issues with it tied into my mood, I may be burning myself out on the genre, and the narration. Like many thrillers, All the Lovely Pieces takes readers into the minds of several characters.

Typically, I enjoy novels that are told in rotating POV. I love seeing how each character processes things and what each character represents to the central mysteries. In the case of All the Lovely Pieces I found myself struggling with it at times. By the end, it seemed to be more and more relevant to the plot, as different revelations come to light and I eventually adjusted to it.

However, a good chunk of this novel the narration irked me.

While I enjoyed parts of this novel, it was, unfortunately, not wholly for me. I still recommend it to fans of the genre looking for a twisty ride to curve into.

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