Sunday Post #5: The One with Dreamy Music and A LOT of Book Mail

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Another week where I actually did pretty decently with churning out new content for the blog (I am PROUD but have to wonder when I will slip out of this little groove), watched way too many ghost hunting/paranormal shows, changed my Instagram theme/editing style and have been listening to Taylor Swift non-stop.

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It's been a bit of a weird week, in other words. Not necessarily bad-weird, just weird. Very incoherent in terms of what I've accomplished and done. I did have a bit of an issue with my anxiety Thursday and Friday, but it seems to have sorted itself out (!) and I've mostly spent my weekend relaxing, reading and listening to Lover on repeat. I've been anticipating new Taylor Swift tracks all year so it's great to finally have the album in my hands. I splurged and bought two of the deluxe editions of Lover from Target because I'm nothing if not exceedingly extra.

It felt nice and normal to have this tradition of mine come back. I've been buying every Taylor Swift record on release day since Speak Now and I don't know? I just have a lot of sensory memories of her music and it just felt nostalgic and new all at once.

So far my official ranking of the tracks are a bit all over the place.

This is normal. I have a few artists that this always happens with as they release new music (Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift, Marina, Lorde, Panic! at the Disco, Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Florence + the Machine) and they'll continue to change the more I listen to it.

My number one favourite seems to be Daylight. Afterglow and Cruel Summer are close seconds, and I've grown a bit addicted to Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince and London Boy. Other than the notes of music, there's not really much to say about my week except to just dive right into the wrap up of the last few weeks!

And, yes, I totally forgot to post my wrap-up for Sunday Post last week. And the week before. And the week before that, too. I should probably change my headline to "Recently on the Blog" instead of "This Week on the Blog" but, well, lazy.

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I like my old colouring a lot. Especially in the autumn and winter. But, I needed to brighten things up a bit. At least, for a little while. I think that Lover might have influenced the brighter, pinker tones I am using at the moment. Duh. You can find me on Instagram here. I am not sure why I didn't keep the sizing for Waiting for Tom Hanks similar to the others but I didn't so now I'm over here cringing at the difference.

Book mail has been on fire recently. Some are for tours, some are things I requested from various publishers and they all seemingly arrived at the same time. The post office and UPS hates me right now. I am SUPER OKAY WITH THAT. I expect that more will arrive this week, but not too many more. This was the bulk of it and I've already read four of them with the reviews coming out this week or next. I have a while on some of these titles and the others that might be coming (as in, they are not coming out until next year so I likely won't dive into them until December) so it's a not as daunting as it probably seems like. Special thank-yous to Scholastic, Atria, Scout Press, Page Street, Inkyard Press and all other publishers who sent copies my way for reviewing purposes!

How was everyone's week? 
What's on your TBR?

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