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Diving into more non-fiction was one of my goals for 2019! And, here we are! I'm excited to be on the blog tour for Jonathan A. Levi's The Only Skill that Matters. Levi is here to let you in on this particular method of reading faster and remembering more.


In the next ten years, every knowledge worker on earth will become one of two things: invaluable or obsolete. No matter the industry, the pace of progress and new information is faster today than ever before in human history—and it's accelerating exponentially.

In this new reality, how can we possibly hope to keep up? How can we learn, unlearn, and relearn fast enough to stay relevant in the world to come?

In The Only Skill That Matters, Jonathan Levi unveils a powerful, neuroscience-based approach to reading faster, remembering more, and learning more effectively. You'll master the ancient techniques being used by world record holders and competitive memory athletes to unlock the incredible capacity of the human brain. You'll learn to double or triple your reading speed, enhance your focus, and optimize your cognitive performance. Most importantly, you'll be empowered to confidently approach any subject—from technical skills, to names and faces, to foreign languages, and even speeches—and learn it with ease.

The Only Skill that Matters by Jonathan A. Levi
Rating: ★★★☆☆

As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way. 

"--sometimes in life we must learn things we are less than enthusiastic about. Why, then, suppress our passion, motivation, and enthusiasm for learning when they do present themselves? If you're not excited about studying guitar today and are longing to watch that foreign language movie, I say do it! The motivation and drive to learn are precious resources, and so when you feel them within yourself, take advantage!"
The Only Skill that Matters is a comprehensive guide. essentially, on how to better your reading and processing skills. Levi tells us how it is, breaking down the skills that truly matter when it comes to learning. In all honesty, there are A LOT of great notes to be made throughout The Only Skill that Matters--you will walk away from this book with some new knowledge and a whole new outlook on the topics at hand.

Life, and learning, can be full of complications and it's never easy. No matter what, we all have areas in our learning skills that aren't quite as strong as elsewhere. The Only Skill that Matters lays out a simple outline for its readers and gives them an idea of how they can improve. There is a lot to be taught throughout the course of this book, but it never feels supremely overwhelming.

Instead, Levi breaks it down in a fairly typical and logical manner. Although a lot of information is in The Only Skill that Matters, Levi teaches us in a way that feels fast and minimal.

While there were many things that I wasn't keen on while reading The Only Skill that Matters (statements like: "With these skills, you can go from being a depressed outcast to a happy and successful entrepreneur." that certainly rub me the wrong way and are off-putting are seemingly commonplace in this one) I still feel as though there is a lot to be gained from learning these steps and facts.

For every moment I suppressed the urge to flinch back in frustration and/or annoyance, there was something of importance and relevance ("Because different people understand, present, and explain the exact same concepts in very different ways. As a learner, it's impossible to know if the way that you're first exposed to is what's going to "click" for you.") to tie me back down into Levi's guide.

Certainly, I gained a lot from The Only Skill that Matters. It's a worthwhile read that hands us the basic guidelines to learning, reading faster, flexing our memory skills and so much more. I wish I'd picked up some of these habits and skills sooner--a lot would have helped me in school!

Ultimately, I'd recommend The Only Skill that Matters to anyone who wants to learn something. But, as with most things, it won't be for everyone.

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