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I tried to write a little introduction for this post but in the end all I did was hum, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" because that's how my mind operates. Also, I'm too excited to write something witty.

When Tanya tagged me in this little gem of a tag, I pounced. I've been really getting into the romance genre lately and I'm always hyped to discuss it with others. So, here we go!! It's time for the Romance Book Tag or as it's also known, the How Many Times Can Jessica Mention Krista and Becca Ritchie in One Post Tag.

first romance you remember reading 
I think my *first* romance was a recommendation by another girl in my creative writing class back in high school. The cover makes me cringe so much: Game For Anything by Bella Andre. And honestly, I had to really think about this one because in retrospect, I haven't been reading romance very long. This makes sense when you consider the fact that I didn't start actively reading until my mid teens!

And then I may have gone through this Twilight phase where I read ALL THE SMUTTY FAN-FICTION. Some of which have, incidentally, been published as their own works. (No, not that one.) 

last romance you read
A Lesson in Thorns is my most recently read romance. Which is truly something. I guess it makes sense that the first romance I remember reading and my most recently read one are both full on erotic? Slow clap for Jessica, I guess. The more things change...

the romance you are most likely to recommend to a newbie 
If we're starting off a newbie with something more modern, I'm definitely recommending The Kiss Quotient and/or The Bride Test! They are the perfect introduction to modern romance.

the romance you are most likely to recommend to another romance reader 
Red, White and Royal Blue is probably the number one recommendation of the year from me re: romance. Although, I'm pretty sure most romance readers have already read it because it's rightfully in the spotlight this year! 

an underrated romance you wish more people would read 
It's been a few years since it was released but I really enjoyed One Wish in Manhattan. It was sweet, romantic, set in New York at Christmas time and reading it was such a nice experience. 

an overrated romance you wish people would stop talking about 
I have mixed feelings on this one because I don't like saying things are overrated and I also think it's important that other's have a distinct personal taste and that they are able to find things that makes them so happy that they frequently talk about. So, I am not quick to say, 'Man, I wish people would stop talking about this.'

But, Fifty Shades of Grey is one of those books that I'm just not keen on so I'm bending the question a little by just listing a popular series I'm not fond of. 

an auto-buy author 
Aside from the obvious (Krista & Becca Ritchie) I'm going to say that Christina Lauren is one of my auto-buy author duos lately. I have a feeling that Lauren Layne is going to be sneaking up on them, though, in the future. 

an author you used to love that you have since abandoned 
Katy Evans. I genuinely liked a couple of her books but after those, I came to the conclusion that some of her other releases just aren't my cup of tea. And that's not an insult!

favorite trope 
Fake dating. I'm trash for it. It was between this and enemies to lovers (when written right) but I went with faux relationships for one reason or another. Lily and Lo from Addicted are one of my favourite ships of all time and the Addicted series is also a favourite of mine. 

best book with your favorite trope
I really loved Tangled Like Us! Shocker. Not. But, in all sincerity, I love KB Ritchie and I really enjoyed the romance of Jane and Thatcher. Honorable mention: Lily and Lo during Addicted to You.

a book you didn't like even though it has your favorite trope 
The Negotiator is probably something I'll pick back up in the future to give another chance. I think it might have been one of those 'it's not the book, it's my mood' things. BUT. It is the only one I can think of. 

most hated trope 
Relationships that are on and off and on and off and on and off. A lot of the time, it goes beyond toxic and ventures into emotional abuse territory.

 a book you like even though it has the trope you hate 
Partly, the first book in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series is a Beauty & the Beast retelling. I'm not all the keen on the whole captor and captive fall in love thing, to be honest. But, I am 100% trash for Sarah J. Maas and this series. And the other books in this series really improved in time.

your problematic favorite
Everything is problematic if you look at it long enough. Humans are complex beings who have real walking, talking flaws. So, this question is a little meh. Looking back, there are a lot of issues I (and others) have with the Vampire Academy series and its central relationship of Rose/Dimitri. So, I guess I'm going to go with that one?

a book everyone else loved that has you scratching your head 
There are A LOT of books that I didn't connect with. I'm going to go with Beautiful Disaster, though. Because... no. There was a hot minute there for a while where "everyone" (I say this loosely) was recommending it to me and it just wasn't for me.

your favorite romancelandia person to follow on twitter  
I honestly don't follow that many authors on Twitter, so I'm skipping ahead to the next question!

a place or person you go to for recommendations or reviews 
Tanya at Girl Plus Books, Chai at Like Chai Tea, Genesis at Whispering Chapters and Nick at The Infinite Limits of Love are some of my favourite bloggers who have impeccable taste! Typically, if I see one of them has something positive to say about specific books I'm all the more keen on giving it a go.

a book that has a character that reminds you of yourself 
Honestly, I've always felt like I relate most to both Connor Cobalt and Rose Calloway from the Addicted/Calloway Sisters series. 

romance cover you love 
All of the illustrated covers for romance novels have been killing it lately! The Wedding Party is one of my favourites. I love the brightness of the illustration and all the gold glitter that is featured in various spots. It is just really aesthetically pleasing. 

a book you've reread more than twice 
Okay, so, not to lift Tanya's answer BUT I've reread Fuel the Fire way too many times to count at this point. Also, I have said this about a hundred times before but the series is to my twenties what Harry Potter was to my childhood. I'll never not love it. 

best romance audiobook + best romance/rom-com movie 
I combined these two together just because I rarely watch movies (although, I'd say for rom-com movies it's probably Just Friends or To All the Boys I've Loved Before) and audiobooks are nearly impossible for me to finish for one reason or another.

favorite heroine 
Evelyn Hugo is a total icon and I'm always forgetting that she isn't a real public figure. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is beyond brilliant and definitely holds one of the most beautiful love stories I've ever read. Honorable mention: Rose Calloway, Daisy Calloway and Lily Calloway from Addicted, Eva Trammel from Crossfire and Lara Jean Covey from To All the Boys I've Loved Before

favorite hero 
I know, I know, I KNOW. I keep mentioning the series but, well, why wouldn't I? I absolutely adore Maximoff "Moffy" Hale AND Farrow Keene. It's not really all that surprising that Moffy is one of my favourites of the Addicted kids (how could I NOT love the son of Lily and Lo?) and Farrow is his perfect match. I love them both and I couldn't decide.

your all-time favorite romance
Sigh. I know. I'm doing it again. But! My favourite romance is probably (pause for surprise) every romance in the Addicted/Calloway Sisters/Like Us world. I'd apologize but friends don't lie. 

And with that... 
I tag anyone who reads romance and wants to participate!

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