Review: Celebrate by Lauren Conrad

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Celebrate by Lauren Conrad | Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2.5)

Would it be silly to say that this review hurts me more than it hurts you, fellow readers, and of course Lauren Conrad? Yes? No? Maybe--whatever. The truth is that, despite my low star rating, I don't regret buying this book in the least. It just wasn't all I was expecting... which, I suppose, isn't all that surprising?  I'm positive I am just not a lifestyle book kind of girl and that has everything to do with the reason why I didn't love nor hate Celebrate.

Everyone knows that Lauren Conrad is my girl. From the Laguna Beach/The Hills days, to her full force run ahead into fashion and her previous fictional releases, I'm always keen on supporting her work. I'm consistently buying her clothing (ugh, it's all so cute) and stalking her website and Pinterest for inspiration. So to say I was excited, and then disappointed by this release, would be an understatement to the highest degree. I own each and every once of her previous books and while they have never been the greatest, or the most unique, they at least were solid.

Celebrate is a very standard release amongst nonfiction/lifestyle books and is by far the weakest link in Lauren Conrad's catalogue. Its biggest saving grace is how down to earth Lauren is and how nice it is to look at the pictures. I'm not kidding--if you love her website or Pinterest boards, you will at the very least adore the pictures inside. Talk about #AestheticGoals. For the majority of us, a good set of pictures isn't enough to justify the cost of a book and while this is a pretty little addition for a coffee table, it likely isn't worth spending your coins on if you don't plan on using it for something.

Ultimately, it was a decently fun and aesthetically pleasing book but nothing to Celebrate over. Don't go into this expecting something groundbreaking and obtainable because it is unlikely to be the case for most consumers. If you're a diehard Lauren Conrad fan and can afford it, and appreciate the set of photography within, this is definitely going to be a fun book for you and you should definitely pick it up.

Overall... I wasn't impressed but I also don't hate it.

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