Review: Kiss Me in New York by Catherine Rider

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Kiss Me in New York by Catherine Rider | Rating: ★★★☆☆

A copy of this novel was provided through Edelweiss by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way. 

I wasn't sure what to expect from Kiss Me in New York beyond a fluffy tale of the magic of New York City. What I found in its pages was a warm tale of the holidays that will surely be appealing for its target audience. Even I enjoyed its otherwise fluffy tone--it's a novel to cozy up to and just get lost in. You've got two of my favourite themes: Christmas and NYC. Yes, I am aware one is a city not a theme--but who really cares?

There's a certain kind of fondness in Kiss Me in New York that is easy to enjoy. It's sugary sweet and short enough that the sweetness doesn't leave a nasty taste in your mouth when you're done. The best way to put it is, Kiss Me in New York is a cuddle in the form of literature. A treat that is good in moderation and will leave you feeling good. Christmas time is an already romantic (and often overused) timeline but it makes you long for the city, for snow and for love.

Although it's not exceptionally unique or altogether special, it doesn't make it any less of a quick read. In fact, it's just fun. While I can't say that I loved it to the point where I would reread it at any point, I did enjoy it and breeze through it at a pretty damn fast pace. Clocking in at 200 pages, Kiss Me in New York is just a bit longer than a short story--and that is what makes it satisfying.

If it had been any longer than this it would have been tedious to finish and full of an awkward amount of cuteness overload. All the same it was also its biggest downfall for me, personally. Because of its length, it felt like there wasn't a lot to be seen or developed. It was very straight to the point. But it also will make it easier to read for its audience and I don't hold it against the novel itself.

Again--it's very much so the spirit of Christmas tied up in one romantic bow. I think a lot of younger readers will pick this up and get that spark of interest going to get into reading for the very first time. Which I deeply applaud and appreciate. All in all, Kiss Me in New York is a sweet read that will make readers long for the holidays and the most magical city on earth. If you want a serious case of the warm and fuzzies, this novel is your new favourite.

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