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Forks by A.E. Davis | Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Once upon a time, I was a huge Twilight fan. Okay, maybe not huge but moderately so. Every once and a while, that fangirl rears her head at a mention of Twilight--in so many ways, it was one of my first fandom experiences. I still feel incredibly tied to it as a whole (and the community in general) despite my lukewarm feelings towards the franchise. Which is why my feeling of excitement came full force at the freebie known as Forks by A.E. Davis and I put it at the top of my priorities list this summer.

Forks isn't a bad novel by any means. It is weird. Solid in terms of writing. Pair this up with a concept and a very, very familiar setting--it was an interesting experiences to read. Davis breathes something into the story that makes its appearance known every now and again but for the most part, I just couldn't figure out what was going to be the number one thing that kept my attention. At times, it felt all over the place and sloppy--other times, it shined and had a certain kick to it that Twilight didn't. The latter was very rare but it still should be acknowledged that however minor it was, that kick was there.

As far as fanfiction goes, Forks (is it even considered such, though?) isn't the worst thing I've ever read. A.E. Davis pens the scenery wonderfully and keeps a mysterious tone like a pro--but the way the story unfolds is confusing, dull and at times too vague to really understand. I wasn't all that keen on the stories execution. I felt like the premise and everything it could have been reached a much higher standout point than it actually did and frankly remember only a tiny fraction of what I read.

Overall, I do think that the return to Forks will strike a chord with longtime Twilight fans but for me it just wasn't my cup of tea. A.E. Davis was onto something that ultimately didn't connect with me in a way that would captivate my attention for the long run. It was just weird and slow for my personal taste and that's all that can be said. I didn't know what to make of it but that shouldn't stop you from picking it up and seeing if it sparks your attention.

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