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The Tuesday Club Murders by Agatha Christie | Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5)

“Human nature is always interesting, Sir Henry. And it's curious to see how certain types always tend to act in exactly the same way.” 

Who doesn't love a good Miss Marple Mystery from the iconic Agatha Christie? Christie is one of the most beloved writers in class literature and with good reason--she had a way with words that kept her readers inching forward on the seat; all but pressing their noses against the pages of her books in their suspense. 2017 has, for whatever reason, brought Christie's works back into my day-to-day life (and general reading goals) and The Tuesday Club Murders is one of those rare collections by Agatha Christie that I had yet to read.

Miss Marple is one of the most fascinating fictional characters to read about and seeing her keen sense of mystery in action is always a pleasure. Although this is not my favourite release to feature her, nor is it in the top ten of Christie's finest works, it was still a fun and fast paced read that was perfect for the summertime!

What always strikes me about the prose that Christie was so known for is that it's just delicious--you know, the type that every intelligent and coherent novel should be. Not delicious in a scandalous way but in one that is timelessly fulfilling. The Tuesday Club Murders had its moments of slowness (all of which did, in fact, knock down my rating by a star and a half) but is still far superior to a great many mystery titles.

I only disliked a few of the stories in this collection and my biggest gripe was that they were all sort of pushed together in a way that made them lack that extra sparkle we should always expect from a classic. I personally thought that the first quarter of the book was slower than the last 75% and that while it didn't make the stories less fun to try and solve (and then to get clubbed over the head by the incomparable Miss Marple's senses) it did make getting into it a bit tedious for a little bit.

My favourite stories were as the collection wound up--maybe the last three; the ultimate favourite being the final mystery as it is solved in real-time. I recommend this series of short stories to any lifelong fan of Christie as well as new readers introduction to both Agatha Christie and Miss Marple. They will be in for a treat!

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