Review: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

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Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan | Rating: ★★★★☆

Outrageously funny doesn't even begin to describe the wild ride that is Crazy Rich Asians. I haven't had this much fun reading about gossip fueled lives of the richest families in society since the early 2000s when books like Gossip Girl and The A-List dominated my shelves. As fun and delicious as the above series, Kevin Kwan takes me back to that bubbly feeling of enjoying a book purely for entertainment purposes. Further, he writes these tropes in such a humorous and smart way that you can't help but devour it in one sitting.

Where has this book been all my life? To put it bluntly: Crazy Rich Asians feels both new and nostalgic all at once. It's definitely one of the funnest and most laid back reads I've picked up in ages. The entire novel is full of drama and delightful dialogue that is definitely sugary sweet. This is one of those books you carry around in a tote bag and take in the sun with a glass of wine. Captivating and an easy-breezy romp in the genre. Kwan balances the scandal and gossip prone upper crust with a variety of realistic plots wonderfully--crafting a guilty pleasure full of life.

(Not that I really believe in guilty pleasure.)

The novel is so easy to get into and the writing is just so comfortingly light. I loved the characters a lot--from the very first throwback moment, which involve the purchase of a hotel right under the thumb of some idiot--and even in their most insufferable of moments you can't help but to hold a certain fondness towards even the nastiest of the batch.

My favourite characters were personally Nick, Rachel and Astrid. I thought their plots were a highly needed balance between the more uppity ones. They were easy to love and feel sympathetic towards and I cannot wait to hear about them in future installments. Especially after all that happened with Rachel's interactions with Nick's family, the revelations about Rachel's own family, what comes next in Nick/Rachel's relationship and Astrid's marriage.

(Bonus: I love Charlie.)

Overall, this was such a blast to read and took me back to the days where reading was enjoyable and an escape. Pure entertainment, Crazy Rich Asians is worth the hype and a delight from start to finish. 

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