101 Thoughts I Had While Reading the Case for Jamie by Brittany Cavallaro

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Turns out, I have a lot of thoughts while reading.
 Also, I meant to post this A FREAKING MONTH AGO.

I was SO AFRAID to pick up this book. I've had it on my shelves since the day it was released but I got a little intimidated by it, remembering how The Last of August ended and the synopsis for The Case for Jamie. So, let me get this straight: Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson are not speaking to each other?

A yearlong silence between the two? Ow! O U C H. Brittany, why must you hurt us so? It's fine, I'm fine, take my wallet or whatever. (I have a pitch for your publisher though, if you decide breaking our hearts is the way to go at any point in the future: CHARLOTTE HOLMES themed tissues. Thank me later.)

Honestly, I want you guys to know that I'm terrible. I've had this sitting in my drafts for exactly one month and am only just now posting it. What can I say? I'm not good at existing. On the bright-side, I'm not a T***p supporter. At least I have that going for me.

Without further ado, here's 101 Thoughts I Had While Reading The Case for Jamie! 

The Thoughts

  1. I am so sad and A LITTLE scared. A WHOLE ASS YEAR HAS PASSED? No. Really, I am sad. Poor Moriarty (RIP), poor Watson, poor Holmes--poor LITERALLY ALL OF US. AH. Ah. Petition to have Brittany Cavallaro pay for the therapy that we all inevitably need after The Last of August.
  2. Anyways protect Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson at all costs. Will sell kidney for their safety. If you're interested, HMU.
  3. This description of snow is too real. Am I about to highlight a bit about snow? Maybe so. Don't judge me. 
  4. I'm judging me. I'm so sorry @ book blogging community. 
  5. "There aren't a lot of benefits to being framed for murder." I mean, this isn't wrong. 
  6. Holmes threatening this dude is SUCH a look. Work, honey. Flex. 
  7. Watson's dad singing along to Madonna. Maybe we ARE living in a simulation after all. We (me, it just me) have decided to stan this dork for life. 
  8. Took Holmes a minute but she got there in the end. 
  9. I really do lovoe (I mean love, but the typo was oddly precious in a "Jessica is off her rocker" kind of way so it's staying) when the POV is set in Holmes' head because her thoughts are always my speed. Sherlock in mostly all forms/adaptations, too, are my favourite because of how quick and observant it is. Keeps my brain focusing. 
  10. Does Jamie know/sense that Charlotte is here? 
  11. It would make sense if he does. "Hello, my name is Jamie and my Charlotte sense are tingling." (Take the internet away from me.)
  12. "She's your best-friend." HONESTLY, she is way more than that, right? I mean... she's basically an extension of his body and soul. Why else would he--possibly--sense her presence? It's like a ghost pain. She's been out of his life for a year but he still can feel her. 
  13. That was intense. Someone is clearly messing with Jamie? But, who? I'm making a bulletin board of suspects. There's a lot. 
  14. I changed my mind I'm too lazy to make a bulletin board and I am too engrossed in this to look away. RIP, my ambitions: you were a useless little thing anyways! 
  15. I am not a fan of Charlotte's parents, but her mom just served up a steaming hot dish of Truth: "Being a woman with a contrary opinion does not render me hysterical." NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL... A HOLMES FLEX
  16.  Love that her code name is Stevie, as in Stevie Nicks, as in impeccable Taste. Yes, capitol T and all. Legends only. We stan.
  17. "The answer is, 'I'm going to Disneyland." You know, I like it when books or shows mention this quote 'cos I can never seem to remember if it's "I'm going to Disneyland!" or "I'm going to Disneyworld!" As I've never been to either, I get it confused a lot. I'm always like, is it WORLD or LAND or both? I am confusion. Brain ouchies. Noooo
  18. That being said--I like the sarcasm. I always like the sarcasm in these so, wow, shock! It had to be said though. In case you've forgotten. I would, since I ramble a lot and it's very hard to keep track of all the things I say. 
  19. "Saying something five different ways doesn't make it more effective--" was absolutely something I said anytime my gym teacher in high school had to tell me to "get moving" and "stop talking" and "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, JUST GET IN THE POOL, JESSICA!"  
  20. I love that Charlotte has someone looking out for her re: drug abuse and is insistent on her sending pictures of the pills as a kind of proof that she isn't taking them. Someone's got to look out for our girl! 
  21. Wow, okay, Brittany, did you really have to snipe us with what Watson said to Holmes on The Night Everything Changed? I am going to need a handwritten apology for all the pain you're causing me right now. I'm FRAGILE, ma'am. FRAGILE. 
  22. When Charlotte gets FULL INTO the character/role she has crafted, I'm telling you I get weak in the knees. 
  23. Not to be dramatic but whoever is coming at Jamie is about to get an ass kicking from me. I know, I know, I can't even kill a bug on my own and this threat is Not Threatening but like can you guys just pretend? Thanks. 
  24.  Oh, oh, oh, Jamie I hate to break it to you but even if you and Charlotte aren't together, you're together.
  25. "Then she sent a knife emoji." is such a mood. Also, I bet that Brittany did this when she sent in the first draft of this book. No first draft, just a knife emoji.
  26. "So it'll be a Bright and Shiny Volumizing Vodka Diet Coke." 
  27.  I mean, Tom isn't really wrong? It's not even like... a malicious observation it's just fact
  28. "All I know," Elizabeth was saying slowly, "is if they want us at this party, then we need to get the hell out of here, now." Truth. Smart girl.
  29. Honestly I want to trust a lot of these kids but for my own sanity I'm just... not trusting anyone at the school. At. All? I mean, it'd be like watching an episode of Pretty Little Liars and trusting a new, random love interest. Like, bitch, we know you are probably sketchy so I'm saving myself here.
  30. ...because at heart, I was a bit of an asshole. SAME, GIRL, SAME. 10/10 can relate. 
  31. Love it when there's a showdown of word and wit between a Moriarty and a Holmes. 
  32. Picturing Holmes reading trashy fluff like celebrity gossip blogs is oddly therapeutic. It almost makes me forget how on edge I am in this book. Almost. 
  33. What the frickity frakity pickity packity is hippity happitying.
  34. Sorry for the nonsense. It's how I process things. 
  35. Aw, I love Lena. I really do. 
  36. I get why Jamie would hurl that accusation, given all that's been happening or has happened. But. 
  37. I mean ??????
  38. TELL HIM, LENA. My! Girl! 
  39. Marry me, Lena. Just throwing out suggestions here. 
  40. Detective Shepard, looking like he'd rather swallow a hive of bees than be on campus is probably relatable. 
  41. I'd hate my job too. Shit goes DOWN at this school. 
  42. Watson family's biggest defense and coping mechanism is sarcasm. Adopt me @ Watson family. 
  43. Stop talking about space elevators, Jamie 
  44. Me, spilling my coffee onto my Alien and Flamingo socks: I know Lucien Moriarty is behind all of this, it's all his fault. 
  45. "Are you also on the E?" I'M HOWLING
  46. The
  47. E
  48. Fuck. I can't stop laughing. 
  49. Have I mentioned I love Lena? 
  50. The Dean is 140% done with everything.
  51. DRUGGIST. I'm laughing again please make it stop I'm getting some judgmental looks from my dog and like I GET why I am but--
  52. WUZ
  53. WuZ, wUz, wUZ, wuz
  54. WATSON WuZ HERE. Nice. 
  55. Good job, team. You really nailed... er, nothing? 
  56. "When I was fourteen I decide I was done. Fuck it." AGAIN, RELATABLE. 10/10 WOULD STAN AGAIN. 
  57. Poor Charlotte. I really do hate most of her family. Minus Milo and Leander.
  58. I just got the chills over: "I was never anything if not in control of myself and now I was a current for someone else's electricity." DAMN. 
  59. Charlotte and her drug abuse is so well done. Also it kicks me in the chest.
  60. I could respect that hustle too
  61. Charlotte plays her roles so well.
  62. Curious about Jessa though.
  63. It's time for a coffee break. Naturally my first instinct is to read it while I wait for my coffee. Could I BE anymore on brand?
  64. That was... interesting. 
  65. Charlotte just KNOWS how to operate and talk. The. Queen.
  66. Look at my girl go! YES! Slay! 
  67. I do feel bad for Elizabeth. I like that she lead into the convo with "you're a bad boyfriend" because, well, he is. He knows it. She knows it. We all know it. Very bittersweet.
  68. Sherringford swine. Quite the insult. 
  69. That's a lot of rules. 
  70. I'd dip, too. 
  71. "You have a fuckboy haircut." 
  72. August Moriarty flashback. Bah. I'm SAD. My poor son. 
  73. Charlotte over here breaking my heart as usual. Shit.
  74. Leander is the only Holmes I trust besides Charlotte. I love Milo but I don't trust him like I do these two. And even that I use trust loosely because ah well, they are who they are. And that is human.
  75. SUPER HUMAN but like human.
  76. Something about the subtly of this scene is toying with my emotions? Can't put my finger on it but the whole don't trust anyone until this is over comment--I don't know? 
  78. I am always immensely jealous of schools that have a radio station. I wanted to have one when I was a teenager. I blame Radio Free Roscoe
  79. Can't wait for Jamie's mom and Shelby to arrive! Although, I worry about what they might walk into? Just because of all that is happening and all that will inevitably happen. 
  80. Interesting that a carpenter and Elizabeth both had asked for the key. Hm. Should I be distrustful of Elizabeth further? Or this nameless carpenter--despite it being too early? 
  82. Aw, Jamie's dad is making me Feel Things again. 
  83. Wait, what? That's where they took Shelby?! This is wild. Wild like a horse--no idea where I was going with that joke so pretend it never happened. I mean it didn't, but. 
  84. ALSO HANG ON. JAMIE'S MOM MARRIED. SO LIKE... ABOUT  THE STEP-DAD. I have a theory. It ties into something Charlotte said earlier about a Moriarty. And his gaze? And how Shelby said her mom's boyfriend--now husband?--was looking at her? 
  86. Oh, good. Another flashback to mess me up. 
  87. Gonna get greedy with all these little scenes. You know that, right? 
  88. PAIN. Pain! 
  89. "How about you're a right bastard?" YES. YESSSS. 
  90. God, I hate Alistair. 
  91. Hadrian Moriarty. That's it that's my thought process. I'm a little shocked. 
  92. Also. HURRY UP LEANDER AND CHARLOTTE. Someone needs to get there and get rid of/expose Lucien. 
  93. JAMIE. I love you. This is fantastic. Take him down, kid! YOU GOT THIS. 
  94. Watson and Holmes reunited again. Their first scene together and I'm emotional because it is SO ON BRAND. It's like no time has passed. I love my kids! 
  95. This is getting wild again and I'm here for it. I LOVE THIS PACING. I need to catch my breath again but also really, really, really don't want to look away, so. 
  96. Milo! "It's a party, really!"
  97. ANNA! I knew I didn't trust this girl for a reason and now? Now it makes sense. But, like, in an unexpected way? I had thought she'd been involved in the way that Elizabeth suggested... through a sugar daddy, not... actual daddy.
  98. Charlotte recollecting the first time she met Jamie and how she felt about it. It's fine I'm fine it's okay I'm.
  99. Elizabeth... I was expecting this but hoping for it not to happen. I hope it's not like what it seems. Especially since Moriarty doesn't trust her. Okay, good! She is seemingly doing this out of being blackmailed. And has been Holmes' source all along. Good, good, good. 
  100. Get them all out of there but especially Shelby. She's, quite literally, a child. I had a feeling that would be the "surprise" (either that or Jamie's family in general or even, somehow, least likely, Milo or Leander) but I hoped I was wrong. Again. 
  101. DHTUDHDH shit. This was something. I am emotions.

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