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by Bethany-Kris Renzo + Lucia , #1 Publication Date: January 7, 2019 Genres: Adult, Romantic Suspense, Organized Crime. Erotic Romance



They didn’t come from the same world …
Born rich to a family of mafia royalty, Lucia Marcello was already destined to succeed. She wanted for absolutely nothing, until she met him.
Born poor to parents who never cared, Renzo Zulla was already destined to fail. He has struggled for absolutely everything, but she’ll prove to be his biggest fight yet.
She’s high society from the upscale suburbs. He’s a drug dealer from New York’s slums.
They just weren’t meant to be … until they were.
What would it take to change a life—an entire perspective? All the things you thought you knew and wanted?
For them, it took thirty-six days. And the privilege of meeting each other.
They shouldn’t be. They don’t fit. Love doesn’t care.
Note: Privilege is book one in a three-book trilogy following the same couple.


“What are we doing here?” Lucia asked.
“Just keep quiet,” John replied. “I’ve got some business to handle. I knew that you were wanting to chat and see me, or whatever, but I still have work to do all the same. Turn cheek like Dad always told you to do, and we’ll be fine.”
Lucia chose not to respond to her brother on that front. “Working, working?”
“I don’t have any other job, Lucy. I’m a Capo, and nothing more.”
John parked the Mercedes in front of a shoddy apartment building. He repeated to her to stay put and leave the car locked until he came back. Then, he climbed out of the car, and Lucia watched him disappear into the building. Less than ten minutes later, her brother emerged from the building with a black duffle bag in hand. John unlocked the car and tossed the bag to the back.
Once he was settled back into the driver’s seat, he said, “Just ask.”
Lucia peered into the back seat. “What is in that bag?”
“A couple of things.”
“Like what?”
“Money and substance.”
“Um …”
“Coke,” her brother clarified. “I need to pick up some stuff and hand it off to the people who run with it. Do you understand?”
“Not really.”
John shook his head. “Then stop asking.”
Lucia could do that.
“I have a couple of more pickups to do before I can take you back. Is that okay?”
“Perfect, John.”
Her brother pulled out of the parking space. “Good.”
For the next hour, Lucia sat quietly in the car while her brother did whatever it was he did. He often disappeared in and out of buildings with his black bag in hand, and no one ever passed him a second look. Apparently three years in prison really wasn’t affecting her brother’s ability to do his job.
Sticking a spoonful of a hot fudge sundae in her mouth as John drove through what looked to be a park of some sorts, Lucia noticed a group of older kids hanging around a convenience store. Well, she didn’t think they were kids, but they were probably around her age or a little older.
John parked his car and beeped the horn once. He flashed his lights twice. Confused, Lucia watched as an older boy broke away from the group and approached John’s car. Since the sky was starting to darken, she really couldn’t see the guy’s face all that well. But the closer he came to John’s window, Lucia had a far better view of him.
Sharp, strong lines shaped the man’s face. Wild black hair, like he’d been tugging on the ends, hung down to his eyes. Dark russet eyes peered into John’s opened window, finding Lucia instantly, while the guy’s lips pulled into a cocky smirk.
Lucia glanced away.
“Hey, Ren,” John greeted.
Lucia took the guy’s name in, and chanced another look at him. He wasn’t looking at her anymore, but instead, focusing on John.
“Skip,” Ren said.
“You got anything for me today?”
“Always, boss.”
Ren’s hand disappeared inside his coat before he pulled out a white envelope. It passed into John’s hand like nothing was amiss. John opened it up, counted the cash that was inside quickly, and then handed over a stack to the man. Then, Lucia’s brother tossed the envelope onto the backseat.
“Go see, Tucker,” John said. “He’ll get you set up for next week for whatever you need.”
“Will do, Skip.”
Ren’s hand hit the top of the car, but before he turned away, he shot Lucia another look. Lucia fidgeted in her seat as her brother took notice of the stare that was passing between the two.
“Ren,” John snapped.
Clearly, her brother was not playing around today. He’d never been one for boys being around Lucia, anyway.
“Sorry, Skip,” Ren said. “I’m going. Next week?”
“Yeah. Get gone, kid.”
John was backing up before Ren had even moved away.
Once they were back on the road, Lucia’s curiosity ate away at her.
“What?” her brother asked.
“Who was that?”
Lucia would recognize an Italian name anywhere.
“Yeah, him,” she said.
“A street kid,” John informed like it was nothing. “A soldier who probably isn’t going anywhere but right where he is. It sucks, but that’s how it goes.”
Lucia picked at her manicured nails, still curious. “Why?”
“Because that’s what his father did for our father, and his grandfather for our grandfather. It’s a circle, Lucia. It’s vicious. It’s the kind of life they can’t get out of even though they try damned hard. What does it matter?”
She didn’t really know.
“Just wondering,” Lucia settled on saying.
John’s gaze cut in her direction before he said, “Keep wondering. Nothing more.”
“Stay away from guys like Renzo, Lucia.”
“I didn’t even say—”
“Take it as future advice,” John interrupted. “Remember it.”
She would try.


Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to four young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.
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