Blog Tour + Review: A Song for the Stars by Ilima Todd

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As the second daughter of a royal chief, Maile will be permitted to marry for love. Her fiancé is the best navigator in Hawaiʻi, and he taught her everything he knows—how to feel the ocean, observe the winds, read the stars, and how to love.

But when sailors from a strange place called England arrive on her island, a misunderstanding ends in battle, and Maile is suddenly widowed before she is wed.

Finding herself in the middle of the battle and fearing for her life, Maile takes John Harbottle, the wounded man who killed her fiancé, prisoner, and though originally intending to let him die, she reluctantly heals him. And in the process, she discovers the man she thought was her enemy might be her ally instead.

John has been Captain James Cook’s translator for three voyages across the Pacific. He is kind and clearly fascinated with her homeland and her people—and Maile herself. But guilt continues to drive a wedge between them: John’s guilt over the death he caused, and Maile’s guilt over the truth about what triggered the deadly battle—a secret she’s kept hidden from everyone on the island.

When Maile is tasked with teaching John how to navigate using the stars so he can sail back to England, they must also navigate the challenges of being from very different cultures. In doing so, they might also find the peace that comes when two hearts become one.

A Song for the Stars by Ilima Todd 
Rating: ★★★★☆
As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for my participation in the blog tour/my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way.

Although I'm new to the world of "Proper Romance", nearly all of the books that I have read have each been a delight. What makes them standout is that plotline wise--which stretches itself out into a historical setting--is unlike so many romances that I've read in the past. Ilima Todd's A Song for the Stars is one of the best that I've read.

Actually, read may not be the right word for this one. I kind of devoured it in one sitting. There's just a quality to it that makes you want to read it as quickly as possible because you want to know where the romance leads. You know? There's a balance in A Song for the Stars that makes it all the more appealing--it's more than just a love story, it's more than just its historical setting, it's so many things. 

A Song for the Stars is inspired by a true story. Ilima Todd develops something truly beautiful and graceful in this book; combining real life (and its history) and fiction. It not only makes Ilima Todd someone you should look out for in the romance world, but it makes for a real treat to read.

And captivates you from the start.

While historical events fascinate me, I only know so much in terms of factual information. That being said, I can't vouch 100% for accuracy in A Song for the Stars. What I can say is that in terms of its own fiction, it's brilliant and engrossing.

This is the perfect read for a spring or summer's day.

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