Shadowhunters Recap: Magnus Bane's Magic is Restored, the Clave Wants Clary and Jonathan Dead, Jem Returns and Raphael Visits the Jade Wolf

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"I love you, Jace, but I won't let you stop me." HERE WE GO! Another Monday, another new episode of Shadowhunters. Will Malec and Clace break our hearts again? Will Sizzy join them? Project endgame has commenced.

Our episode starts on a gloomy but hopeful note: Magnus gets his magic back. Last week, though, we saw just what the cost was. And now, we'll be dealing with the aftermath. A good chunk of the episode is devoted to portraying the love letter that is the Malec relationship to Shadowhunters and its fans. It is subtle and a bit bittersweet, given all that has happened.

Alec and Magnus are both miserable without each other. Throughout the episode, we get sprinkles of flashbacks that are so achingly sweet and romantic. We also see parental Malec and it makes me so incredibly happy because they're just so wonderful. I'm always going to love the bond that these two share with Madzie, too. And we get to see her in the flashbacks.

Everything is FALLING APART and we're all a mess:

Now that Clary is gone, run off to dance with her dark side, Alec informs the #squad that there's a kill order out there for Clary. Have no fear! We already know that Alec, Jace, Isabelle and Simon will not, under any circumstances, allow this to happen. Between the four of them, they're unstoppable and will accomplish whatever is necessary.

I'm ready for the inevitable big battle that brings all of the lead characters together. Also terrified.

Jonathan continues doing THE MOST and makes all kinds of googly eyes at his sister and gets a bit of his angsty-teenager-sulk-and-glare at Jace. For being one of the main villains of the series, they are really not giving much for him to do besides fixate on Clary and Jace. Maybe that's just me, but he feels pretty flat to me and that's a shame because they're wasting a great villain and an even better actor.

That being said, they're definitely taking and making the Team Evil plotline from the later The Mortal Instruments books their own story and I'm not sure what I think of it. I have a lot of mixed feelings to this particular set of changes.

Even though it's drastically different from the books, I still appreciate the little glimmers of the books in this episode. Jace playing the double agent while Clary and Jonathan remain forever tied is tense and intriguing.

It breaks my heart seeing Clary as a ~darker version~ of herself but it makes for some new tones in our heroine.That's always a plus, right?

As if my whole recap isn't a spoiler pool, hello, spoiler alert: Team Evil REALLY wants to get to the Seelie Queen. For! Reasons! This leads to some spying, Jace in constant contact with Alec via the rings, clubbing in Prague and more.


The role reversal of Clary and Jace, compared to their book counterparts and the creepy connection to Jonathan, is interesting. It brings out that softer, sneakier and subtle side to Jace that the show hasn't fully explored. The contrast is always interesting but I'm glad it's only temporary.

Simon and Isabelle continue their bond and getting to know you dance. Although they've known each other for a time, this season has seen them become even closer and it's a very potent type of chemistry. Seeing them work together is a thing of magic--and I can't help but to wish we had more time to develop it. Still, as the series has progressed, we've seen how well these two work in each other's presence and fans will appreciate their scenes this week.

"Nothing says join our pack like a blood stained wall." 

Maia and Jordan spend much of the episode together, tentatively picking up the pieces. Of the Jade Wolf, the pack and their relationship. Jordan tries to make the move and embrace the chemistry that remains. Maia, in her right mind, appears to soften but shuts it down pretty wistfully. Before we can confront the relationship, the Jade Wolf has an apologetic visitor: a very human Raphael Santiago.

Raphael as a human is just another one of the more bittersweet plotlines this week. Being human looks good on him; the fact that most of the serum is gone and Aldertree's intentions are known to Maia and Jordan.

Although Simon and Isabelle had sincerely hoped to gain Cleophas' help with Heavenly Fire, they are unable to get her to make an appearance. Luke, however, has a possible solution: her tools. Which may or may not be helpful. One thing is certain, though. With the Clave hellbent on killing both Clary and Jonathan, their time is running out.

On a lighter note, Isabelle watched Superman. And this is the best development of the series because I am a sucker for Sizzy cuteness. These two are going to kill me.

Throughout all the drama and flashbacks, Magnus decides he needs to forget Alec altogether. So, he calls up an old friend: Brother Zachariah. AKA, Jem Carstairs. AKA, one of my favourites of all time and okay fine I'm TOTALLY CRYING. When Jem starts talking to Magnus, about losing great loves, I swear to you my heart skipped a little because emotional. 

The last quarter of the episode really leaves its mark. Team Evil party and attempt to "get what they came for", Clary has to make a choice between Jace and Jonathan, Magnus almost throws out his memories of Alec, Isabelle gets even more serious about Heavenly Fire and finishes the sword.

As for Jordan? Jordan definitely stole a vile of the serum, because of course he did

Highlight(s) of the night: 
  • Harry Shum Jr. again takes the spotlight for the week. He continues to wow the audience with his heartfelt portrayal of Magnus Bane and honestly, we couldn't ask for a better actor to bring him to life. Each season we've seen him grow and grow with Magnus, and so far he has been the biggest shine of this final season. I can't stress how much of a punch his emotions pack in these episodes but I was completely wowed again tonight. 
  • The dark side of Clary Fray has been really intense and Kat McNamara has put so much into the role. She's come so far since season one and I just really enjoyed her screen presence tonight. It was a little love sick, a little mischievous and completely devious. 
  • All the books nods: Brother Zachariah/Jem, the club plotline, the Seelie rings, etc. 
  • Jace. Damn, my heart broke for him. The second Clary sent him through the portal to the Institute and he just says that he's lost her. I mean ????? OKAY, KILL ME. 

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