The Witching Hour is Now! Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Part 2) Has Dropped: Do We Worship Lilith, Now?

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Top-boys, Dark Lords and High Priests be gone! 
Note: this is a long post and features spoilers. 

General Recap + Full "Season" Rating
Part Two: ★★★★★

I was really good about not looking into too many spoilers, stills or clips involving part two of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It's one of those shows that I don't want to ruin the experience of seeing it for the first time by knowing too much. So, if you're like me, and don't want to be spoiled, if you haven't watched part two: TURN BACK NOW.

Not only are the comics one of my favourite horror comics (Archie Horror is on FIRE) but Sabrina Spellman is one of the first characters I ever stanned. You know, before stanning was a thing. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has consistently surprised me since its premiere last October--part two proves that it is only getting started and is destined to crush the patriarchy in many ways. 

And I am SO here for it.

As a brief note, I was a little nervous about the series as a whole. I love Sabrina in all forms but the horror comic series of the same name is a particular brand of darkness. We already know it's only loosely based upon said comics, but with Riverdale having hit its peak in season one, I was a little nervous this would do the same. Words can't describe how excited I am to see that this wasn't the case with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Although part two had some weaker episodes and moments (honestly, Doctor Cerberuss' House of Horrors reminded me too much of Dreams in a Witch House) it was still a consistently good lineup  that didn't suffer Riverdale's fate of sophomore slumping it up.

Unless we're not considering part two season two--there's been little clarification on that front thus far. Then, of course, the first season was an absolute success.

There's something undeniably chilling and sleek about the series as a whole. Some topics could be handled with a bit more care than they are (Roz's blindness, for instance), but other than that it seems to really have hit its stride. Particularly on the last half of part two, which was by far superior to the first half.

As always, the style and soundtrack is brilliant. I love that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is still on the retro vibes kick that Riverdale is on--it's modern, but it has a lot of vibrancy of the past tangled in. I don't mean style solely, I mean every flare it possesses--fashion, settings and scenery, little nods to Archie Comics and other series in between.

If you thought part one had a lot of grimness (is that a word?) and ass-kicking characters defying all, I am pleased to tell you: there's even more in part two.

Plus, a lot of other topics are addressed in the new episodes, including Susie embracing who he is: Theo, new romances (here's looking at you, Roz and Harvey, Ambrose and Prudence and Sabrina and Nicholas) and a BLACK WEDDING. 

There were plenty of places of darkness in part two. From the aftermath of the holiday special and, of course, Sabrina having signed the book of the beast and in the process signed her soul over to the dark lord, we cover a lot of ground in nine episodes. Underneath the supernatural elements of the story, there is a lot of standard coming of age moments and Spellman Family Excellence.

Some of the best moments of part two come solely from the Spellman family and the bond they share with one another, but my personal favourite elements of part two were the further dive into power we witness. I think we saw some more development on not only the cost of powers, but the general suppression that is happening in this particular society of witchcraft.

If part one was merely about self discovery and learning one's powers (in particular for Sabrina and two of her mortal friends, Roz and Theo) this half was learning how to work together once more. In new relationships and old, sometimes our biggest strength is in not only ourselves but combined in ourselves, our friends, significant others and allies.

Finding the darkness within, the best episodes of part two: 


What I liked about part two: 

  • Madam Satan's reaction to mortals and their decorations on Valentine's Day.
  • Sabrina testing her own limits as well as the position she's found herself in at The Academy of Unseen Arts. I liked seeing her explore these powers and the witch half of herself. She's found a lot more of a balance than she's given herself credit for. Plus, watching her stand up for her friends and herself is always a treat. We've got a lot of epic Sabrina Spellman highlights right now, including the platinum hair, but, for me, one of her greatest hits in part two was when she stood up to challenge Nicholas Scratch for the position of top boy. This season has been consistent in her growth as a character, but her determination to change things for the better is even stronger and ever growing. 
  • The backgrounds featuring more Archie Comics goodies. Oh! And the delightful throwback via Sabrina trying on clothes in front of her mirror--which is very much a callback to the 90s sitcom. 
  • Dorian Gray. Regardless of everything, I was super keen on this? JUST ME? I hope not. 
  • Susie becoming Theo. Sabrina's mortal friends could easily become background noise but they are each crucial to the central story-lines in their own way. Plus, their voices are refreshing and real and I just really love them. I'm glad to see Theo come into who he was always meant to be. 
  • Madam Satan, Mrs. Wardwell, Lilith, whatever you want to call her, gradually developing into something far different than we imagined. I oddly respect her? Don't get me wrong, she is what she is, but there's something very fascinating about her and the way she's grown through the episodes. I weirdly root for her. I think it's all due to Michelle Gomez's portrayal of her--it is just pure brilliance. 
  • The fact that they never fully make Sabrina and Roz feud over Harvey. A lot of shows take the changes in relationships as a woman vs. woman trashfire, but Chilling Adventures of Sabrina handles it quite respectfully and it's refreshing. There is one blip and only a mild amount of awkwardness. Although I prefer Harvey and Sabrina together, the general sweetness and chemistry of the new ships aren't off-putting. I like that the group of four--Sabrina, Roz, Theo and Harvey--eventually get back into the groove as #squadgoals
  • Surprisingly, I really liked Nicholas Scratch more than I thought I would. Not just because he is a total babe. He's flawed and doesn't always do the best, or right, thing, but he is definitely a lot more than I thought he'd be. I knew he was somehow involved in something of a darker variety, but I think he's very much forgivable and sympathetic. I want to learn more about him.
  • Mandrakes and the Sabrina double issue. Uh, this was just weirdly endearing? And a little scary? I think they watched that episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch where Sabrina has a double of herself running around. Seriously, I think they were like, "This episode but make it horror.
  • Sabrina leaving on her bike, with Salem running right along side it to keep up and make their escape. 
  • Hilda just generally getting shit DONE. From being the first one to figure out that Zelda isn't, ah, quite herself following the wedding and honeymoon, to offing someone who's causing a lot of trouble for Zelda, to aiding Ambrose in his escape... I cannot believe people are still sleeping on this woman's POWER? 
  • Ambrose becoming top boy, but ONLY because (a) I love Ambrose and (b) it gave Sabrina a line that was very much like SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE. 
  • Harvey showing Theo how to tie his tie before the Valentine's Day dance.
  • THE HILARITY THAT WAS LUPERCALIA. Which is basically the witch world's Valentine's Day. Only their day is of hunting down a sexual partner, basically, dressed like wolves and Red Riding Hood. ISSA DELIGHT. 
  • Billy apologizing to Theo. I'm here for character development. Unless next season they make him a love interest of Theo, then I'm OUT. I'm over bully-victim relationships. 
  • Sabrina using her magic for the best when it comes to her mortal friends. There are times when it isn't called for, but for the most part Sabrina's heart is always in it for the win when it comes to Roz, Theo and Harvey. 
  • Prudence establishing a bond with Father Blackwood, her legitimate father, only to realize... she never needed his love: she's had Agatha and Dorcas as her family all along. 
  • The basketball tryout scene at the start of the episode was beautiful but heartbreaking. Sabrina silently helping Theo out in making the team, watching on from the distance, as Roz, Theo and Harvey share a huge group hug. It's bittersweet. 
  • Oh, the pure craziness of the angels/witch-hunters trying to convert--and then kill--all the witches. IT. WAS. WILD. Terrifying and subtle, but wild.
  • The aftermath of Sabrina getting shot multiple times by the angels. THOSE WHITE EYES? THE CROWN? THE VOICE CHANGE? THE POWER???? I'm still shook. 
  • Mandrake Sabrina. I've already said this but it's worth noting twice. 
  • All of the power moves between Lucifer, Lilith, Sabrina and, well, everyone. There's a lot of suspenseful scenes. I feel like the last four episodes of the season were all part of the same finale arch and each one built on a new layer. 
  • Nicholas sacrificing himself for Sabrina and her world. 
  • They got the man who plays one of my favourite and most hated villains in the world on The X-Files, William B. Davis, to play a creep on the witches consul. He plays bad so very well. 
  • All the mythological developments. Look back on all of the episodes and you'll see how much this world has grown.
  • The way the season ended: Madam Satan leaving Sabrina two gifts, her mortal friendships still intact, Zelda becoming High Priestess, Prudence and Ambrose cooking up a plan of their own, and Sabrina ready to jump-start new experiences with her friends. First mission? Bring Nicholas back from hell. 

Things I didn't like about part two: 

  • That whole idea that disabilities are things that need to be fixed. I don't think that Roz was necessarily involved in this or even Harvey, but it felt like the writing was... questionable during a few key moments
  • Father Blackwood's entire existence. 
  • Blegh, Miss Jackson. SHE IS SO ANNOYINGLY DUMB. And they had the nerve to name her Shirley Jackson. I'm mad.  
  • The scene were Zelda, not as herself, grinds up that familiar. I... could have done without that.
  • Sabrina is... Lucifer's daughter? I have questions. A lot of questions. Far too many to actually list, especially with how long this post is already.
  • Ambrose's imprisonment, him being framed for (or, manipulated into committing) a murder of the Anti-Pope, and the fact that Blackwood was behind SO MUCH, but faced so little consequences. I'm so ready for him and Prudence to hunt down Blackwood and off him. 
  • The fact that Blackwood has both of the twins and poisoned the entire coven. God, I hate him. 
  • While I'm all for musical numbers in shows, I was cringing in the finale when Sabrina was singing to Lucifer. It's not the song itself, it just... musical moments feel out of place in this show. 
  • Not really diving into the impact everything has had on Ambrose as of late. He just lost his boyfriend, committed a murder while under someone else's influence, was locked up for said murder, nearly died at the hands of angels/witch-hunters, etc, and we didn't really get into the mental standing of it all. That felt like lazy writing. Who knows, though, next season we may get some more insight on what's going on in his mind after all of this. 
  • Seriously, LOATHED that scene where Roz and Harvey had the AUDACITY to ask if SABRINA cursed Roz because she and Harvey were now together. I was so mad, I literally paused it. I'm so glad that Theo laid down the law and cold hard facts on their asses because on what planet would SABRINA SPELLMAN ever even consider doing that to her friends? I don't care if she's gone through changes and is in a darker place, the girl literally just made sure that Harvey's dad would stop drinking so much and be an actual father, not abuser, to Harvey. Like????? No. No, no, no. Sabrina Spellman slander is not welcome in this house. 
  • Harvey and Sabrina having that fake out and make out scene. Only for them to end things. Again. I mean, seriously? Again, I don't hate Roz/Harvey and Sabrina/Nicholas but... let's not. 
  • Not enough time with Lucifer being back on earth. We need more scares relating to that and frankly, we should have gotten more of it. That's just me. 
  • The awkward use of internet slang and phrases. We already learned in Riverdale that having the characters saying ENDGAME out-loud is a bit cringey, but there were a few times where that use bled into this. Not keen. 
What I hope to see next season: 

  • Focus on Ambrose's mental health. Focus on Zelda's mental health after all Blackwood put her and her family through.
  • Sabrina and Harvey rekindle their romance. I want so badly for them to be endgame. It would feel wrong if they weren't. 
  • Sabrina's powers as they grow. Maybe give her something new in her powers. How much of her has changed, now that she lost her witch powers and Madam Satan gifted them back to her? Did they change? Is she stronger, weaker? 
  • Honestly........... let Hilda get laid? 
  • Ambrose's life pre-series. The trouble he got into. More moments between him and Hilda. I want to see flashbacks showing that Mother/Son like bond that the two have.
  • Let's see the real Mrs. Wardwell. I want to know what she's like; if she'll ever know she was killed, and someone took on her identity, only to be brought back from the dead. 
  • More of the bond between Prudence, Agatha and Dorcas. While we're at it, let's make Dorcas a lead. Let's get some background on their life before Sabrina was there. 
  • More Madam Satan as a ruler. I don't know if that would mean recasting someone but if it does, I'll be sad. I want to see her in Hell. I want to see how she is managing the fact that Lucifer is trapped in Nicholas' body. I want to see her literally raise hell and embrace the thrill of it all. I think that now that she is her own ruler, no longer tied only to the Dark Lord, she could be a brand new type of complex. That's saying something, considering she is already one of the best characters in the show. 
  • Give us some more development on Roz and Theo's powers and such. 
  • More of the witch world's language and slang choices. I am not a fan of overused internet slang or whatever, but I'm always up for the creation of words and phrases for fictional worlds.  
  • Salem still doesn't talk. Let. Him. TALK.
  • Repair the gaps in the friendship between Sabrina, Roz, Theo and Harvey. I want plans in the finale to be REAL next season--let them explore the supernatural world and battle the evil in it. Let them travel to hell and save Nicholas. All together. ALL. OF. THEM. They are no longer Sabrina's mortal friends and Sabrina's no longer their only tie to this new world.
  • High Priestess Zelda Spellman. GO ON, GIRL. Make it the church of Lilith.


Quick theories on next season: 

  • Billy and Theo will form some sort of friendship. I still hope it's not romantic and I still don't trust Billy. At. All. I feel like there's going to be an event that ties Billy into the thick of things and I'm not sure how I feel about that.
  • With Nicholas out of the picture, for now, I feel like some feelings between Harvey and Sabrina will resurface and cause some tension in the groups dynamic. I don't see Harvey or Sabrina ever doing anything to hurt Roz, but. Now, this might be wishful thinking on my part but it could very well happen. Maybe not straightaway but at some point. 
  • More supernatural creatures will come out of the woodwork in Greendale. I am sensing a lot of new characters, new powers, and new creatures.
  • Sabrina, Roz, Theo and Harvey will rescue Nicholas. It won't be pretty or easy. We already know that Sabrina will do anything for her loved ones--I am wondering just what she'd do to save Nicholas, after he saved her. 
  • There will be more ties to Riverdale. I don't think it's a coincidence that we heard the use of the world ascend when it didn't really fit with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the word of choice for most of season three of Riverdale. Is a crossover on the way? Probably. Maybe not next season, but we're definitely going to see and hear more about it.
  • I've got a feeling that some of the survivor's of the attempt on the coven's lives will be split. Half will oppose the Spellman family. The other half will worship the Spellman's for saving them and Sabrina's powers from the previous season will be a driving force behind this.
  • Main villains *could* be Blackwood, Lucifer in Nicholas' body and/or the witch-hunters. I don't know if this season was the only time we'll see these witch-hunters, but I get the feeling that we might see more sooner rather than later. Think: Blackwood being hunted down not only by his kind but by witch-hunters and other supernatural beings. 
  • The Academy of Unseen Arts and the Church of Night will have a lot of spirits and negative energy surrounding it after the death of so many from the coven. 
  • Mrs. Wardwell could experience some strange and horrific symptoms as she settles back into her life. She has no idea what happened to her but we already know that all things come with a price and I don't think her being brought back from the dead will be any different in that.

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