Shadowhunters Recap: Sword Fights, City of Glass, Death, Black Wings and White Blonde Hair

9:00 PM

We're one episode away from the official end of Shadowhunters. That's right: one more episode left. If that doesn't break your heart, the episode will.

In its final standard length episode, Shadowhunters wrapped itself up as tightly as possible to increase our tension. We're officially preparing ourselves for next week's two and a half hour series finale and it's about to explosive. A lot of questions were left in the air as we wonder: who will survive? And at what cost does their survival depend on?

Last week we saw Magnus struggling with his heart and memories over the loss of his relationship with Alec. While he got his magic back, it felt like a bit of a double edged sword. Arguably speaking, there are three things that make Magnus Bane whole: himself, his magic and Alec. Although his magic is back, he is now navigating his life without his beloved, and this cuts him in a way that he wasn't prepared for.

This week we see Magnus spending a little too much time with his father. Who is, frankly, a serious clinger for a demon. We know he is high up on the food chain when it comes to it, but around Magnus he is almost subtly evil--you feel it but only slightly. Magnus seemingly begins to reluctantly lean into his father's advice and company--and because of this, manages to get his apartment back from Lorenzo.

I'm not really sure what I think about the way that unfolds, but it was kind of entertaining. And now, they are roommates. No worries though--Lorenzo is so small and beneath him, no one will notice he is even there. Ahem

As for everyone's least favourite pair of siblings, Clary is still fully under Jonathan's control. Things are creepier than ever with their connection; seeing them be one of mind is a little frightening and a bit too Demonic Flowers in the Attic for me. With Jace not in the picture with Team Evil, things are getting more and more sketchy and Clary drifts farther and farther away from who she is.

The Seelie Queen is officially a hostage of Team Evil. It just so happens that she is pretty much unflappable and, as we all know, she can play the game better than anyone. She surprisingly gets very little screen time during this episode, but when she does, I have to admit the new actress portraying her is a really great choice. We needed the Queen to be conniving and flirtatious, and her portrayal is very much so contradiction--which fits.

Attempting to get their Queen back, Meliorn campaigns against the Shadowhunters. Primarily, Jace and Clary due to their involvement. While everything Clary does is not Clary, and instead it's of Jonathan's influence, it doesn't really matter to anyone. Especially for the Seelie. Clary and Jonathan did, after all, kidnap their QUEEN and are ransoming her in exchange for the sword.

I can't say that I blame them. 

Alec and Jace, in their right minds, advice Meliorn and the Seelie not to pay the ransom. Things don't go according to plan--but what else is new? Such is Shadowhunters.

Meanwhile, The Praetor is putting Luke to task and I have to say I'm not a fan of the way the series is portraying the organization. It's all very choppy and underdeveloped. The Praetor is an aggressive little snooze fest.

I think that's less the show's fault and more Freeform's fault--it's just underwhelming and these scenes could have extended to something more worthwhile, to put it bluntly.

We've been expecting it for weeks, but Maia and Jordan's story comes to a nostalgic, bittersweet end. It all ends where it began--a beach. Predictably, Jordan offers Maia the chance to be a mundane again. The guilt that he's always carried for his part in her becoming a werewolf has never really gone away. And so here he is, dying--his injuries were never healed and he doesn't have much time.

Instead of using it for himself, he wants to give Maia the life he believes she deserves--this is his way of making amends: giving her back the life that he took all those years ago. The problem with this is that being a werewolf is now a part of Maia Roberts. Still, Jordan tries to make the case for Maia. As the two spend their time together, and Maia meets up with Luke only to give him the serum that could make her mundane again, you can tell the end is very near for Jordan.

After some time passes, Maia suggests that the two of them go off and fulfill some of Jordan's bucket list. The stillness and silence of him says it all--he's gone. It is heart wrenching. I've never been a big fan of Jordan, but seeing his final moments as he approached his death be as they were, I was pained by the loss. There was something always so tragic about Jordan and the way he passed--it's just so emotionally charged.

As the episode winds down, we get pushed headfirst into several plots and nods. We get a glimpse of Helen and Aline's blossoming relationship--or should I say, uh, research. As Helen put it! After trading the Seelie Queen for the sword, Clary and Jonathan have a fight--Jonathan vs. Jace; Clary vs. Izzy. Simon disobeys "orders" about coming on the mission. Thankfully, the connection is severed at last. Shit gets real

And just as Clary, Jace, Alec, Izzy and Simon think they are triumphant--everything comes to blows. Not long after the connection between Clary and Jonathan is severed, Isabelle protects Simon from some shrapnel and gets injured in the process. While it's not serious, it does serve as something of a warning for the final five minutes of the episode. On the bright-side, it leads to another great Sizzy scene.


Let's just say that the final minutes of the episode are some of the most tense the series have ever shown us. Sibling bonding, relationship growth, reuniting between one VERY important couple. The final hunt begins soon--and the air is filled with love, a proposal, fear and bravery. And one of the biggest sacrifices Shadowhunters has shown.
What I loved about the episode: 

  • Malec getting back together in the final moments of the episode and exchanging rings. SURE, the next part is heartbreaking but, like, hello? MALEC PAIN IS THE ONLY PAIN I'LL ACCEPT! 
  • Jordan's redemption arch. It was bittersweet. 
  • All of the book callbacks. They are small. There are quite a few scattered. We got another Clace scene that reminiscent to the books. 
  • Jonathan's level of crazy when the connection is severed. We finally get to see Jonathan's white blonde hair. And he's got some black wings--it adds a lot to the fact that he is unleashing LITERAL HELL on the world. 
  • Isabelle saving Simon. The almost kiss. The eye contact. 
  • Brief Maryse/Luke gaze. 
  • The scene where Simon tries to get Clary to snap free of the connection. 
  • Jordan's funeral. I feel like everything happened so fast. But, I like that Maia got to say a proper goodbye to him. It also lead to the reminder of her strength--and the fact that she is the ALPHA. 
  • Magnus banishing his father. 
  • Maryse knowing something was up with Magnus and Alec. She put the pieces together. It set things into motion. I just love the character Maryse has become. Luke is basically everyone's father figure but Maryse is becoming everyone's mother figure and I really appreciate the parallels. 
  • That final scene--Magnus' sacrifice. The way that Jace, Clary and Izzy surround Alec, and they look up at the sky. 

What I didn't: 

  • Luke's lack of plot. 
  • The Praetor. 
  • How underwhelming the Seelie plot is compared to the bigger picture.  
  • Helen and Aline developing off screen. Sure, they developed off page in the books, too, but I was hoping that we'd see a little more of them before the series ended. Sigh.

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