Shadowhunters Recap: Halloween in April, Sizzy Will Rise, Luke and Clary Reunite and Rebecca Lewis Returns

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Trick or Treat DEMON BAIT. 

Sibling Bonding, Lightwood and Lewis vs. Fairchild/Morgenstern: 

First up! Simon's older sister, Rebecca/Becky, returns! Just in time for Halloween. We all love the sibling bond of these two, right? Or is that just me? I love them in the books and love them in the show even more. There's this little bit of dorkiness in both of them that is just present enough that make their scenes sweet and believable.

Regardless, the two spend Halloween together which is a long standing tradition. Typically, Clary is with them but unfortunately this year is going to be different--I guess that their childhood is truly gone, huh?

At least they're able to have the night out together.

The two aren't the only siblings to have a pretty solid night of bonding this week: Isabelle, Jace and Alec proves why their bond works, too. I liked the way it all balances out and almost takes us back to where the series began for them. I always love seeing them as a trio or in separate duos, no matter the combination I just think their bond is very special.

Also, the parallels at work this week were subtly shippy--Simon and Becky discussing their lives now that the Lewis family is in Florida, and then turning into talk of the Shadow World, which then turns into talk of whether or not Simon and Isabelle have feelings for each other.

When it would show Isabelle and Alec together, or Simon and Rebecca together, it felt like a cute little parallel to me even if it wasn't intentional.

And then there's the final sibling combination: when you see Clary and her brother, Jonathan, in their brand of darkness and complications, you feel like hell. It kind of takes you back to where we are in the plotline. 

The distinction between good and healthy sibling bonds vs. toxic ones is all the more clear this week.

Bourbon, Be Gone!: 

No longer under the influence, Magnus is able to discuss the previous nights events with Alec. You know, the one where he discovers his new tolerance level re: alcohol consumption and misses out on the romantic evening Alec had planned for the two. Mid-discussion, Clary and Jace show off their impeccably bad timing and stop by for a favor. I'm all for scenes between the two couples but, ah, I felt a little robbed.

Fortunately, they do get another moment this evening. The bad news is that it's angsty and heartbreaking. If you thought Magnus' drunken breakdown last week was sad, this one hurts even more.

(Moment of appreciation for Harry's FANTASTIC acting chops? I'm seriously heartbroken for Magnus. Harry puts everything into this role.)

It's okay, Malec shippers. We know they're endgame. This breakup isn't going to last--and the fact that it was a sacrifice numbs the ache only slightly, but it's enough to hold onto. Still, the sound of Magnus Bane asking Alec Lightwood to stay with him, begging him to stay, clinging to him, isn't going to leave my mind any time soon. Ouch.


To the New, New York Pack:  

After a heartwarming discussion between the two, Maia learns that Jordan has been let go from the Praetor Lupus. 

Which, honestly, seems unfair to me--but not at the same time. I don't want to feel too sympathetic of him but I don't know, what happened wasn't his fault and frankly he's lucky that he even survived the night of the massacre at the Jade Wolf. While his job is to protect, what else was he supposed to do when he was LITERALLY INJURED IN THE LINE OF DUTY? Why is he getting punished for it? 

The question of the future lingers for both of them. With most of the pack dead, Maia's got a lot of work to do when it comes to rebuilding. Now that Jordan's future is uncertain, the two are left to ponder the same question: what next?

But, by the end of the night, Maia finds her beta wolf and Jordan finds a pack. After their previously complicated relationship, it is nice to see these two finding a place and working together. I get the sentiment behind it and really admire Maia's forgiveness. 

I don't think I'll ever ship them romantically, but it proves what I've always said: Maia Roberts is better than all of us

"I'm NOT BEING WEIRD!" aka Nothing but Sizzy Excellence aka a Lesson in Not Giving Someone the Googly Eyes:

Simon is totally not being weird.

And he TOTALLY DOESN'T HAVE A CRUSH ON ANYONE. He's done with love, remember?! Totally done with it. Totally not giving Izzy googly eyes. As for Izzy, SHE'S TOTALLY DONE WITH LOVE TOO. And is totally not giving Simon googly eyes in return.

Wow, can you believe Simon and Isabelle are single for life?! 

Honestly, these two are precious. I think if we look up 'soft' in the dictionary their pictures would be right there. Softies. I love two (2) badass softie nerds who AREN'T IN LOVE, OKAY? Totally not in love, I don't know why anyone would suggest such a preposterous thing--

We've got to give another mention to Becky and her keen eye for romance. She knows you're into her, Simon! Sisters really do know best!


Nothing but Darkness and A Prince of Hell: 

This is where everything changes and Team Evil rises up above them all. Or at least, the shows spin on Team Evil: Clary and Jonathan. It looks like Jonathan has finally crafted the sister that he's always longed for--but at what cost?


"My son needs me," marks the beginning of a plotline we definitely don't want. I can only wonder how it will differ from the books. Magnus' dad is officially here. The groundwork for the series finale is being set--we have two more episodes left until the two and a half hour series finale.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

Scene of the Night: 

During the investigation, Clary's attacked by a demon and transported into this dream of sorts. In it, the darkness threatens to engulf her entirely--and it does. Mind-control is clearly on high tonight and it seems that the Clary we know and love is no more. Jonathan's Clary has finally made her full appearance and it's chilling in a simply stated way.

And, guys? 

This. Changes. Everything. 

If the appearance of a Prince of Hell and Malec angst didn't raise the alarms for you, perhaps Clary's eyes turning all black will. Let's face it: there's shit hitting the fan and then there's this episode of Shadowhunters

What I liked about the episode: 

  • BECKY. FREAKING. LEWIS. Give her a spin-off, Freeform, you cowards! No but seriously imagine a spin-off of her just trying to navigate the Shadow World and exploring it in a way that is so endearing you couldn't not stan her. I MEAN?? MAKE IT HAPPEN, TELEVISION GODS????
  • Simon and Becky's entire dynamic. It's a shame the show is ending before we could see more of these two together. I loved all of their scenes but especially the endearing quality that came with her showing up dressed as a vampire and the night leading into a bunch of questions about the Shadow World. She's so perfectly mundane and it's not in an over-the-top way. It's cheesy but in the best way possible. It's honestly the cutest thing in the world. I'M NOT SORRY. 
  • The almost Sizzy kiss. Look, we know they are endgame. Even if the show doesn't get to fully explore that, but this season has been serving up some sweet Sizzy content and I'm excited about it. I knew it would be a little rushed, but it's definitely no worse than the speed we'd have likely gotten if the films had been a success. 
  • Alec having Magnus work with Maryse in decorating her new store. It's good for him to not only see someone adjusting to a new, mundane life, but to be given a creative outlet. I think that this was exactly what Magnus and Maryse needed--and the friendship that has formed between the two is just plain nice. I love how they've developed Maryse in the show and how accepting and warm she's come to be towards Magnus. She's definitely not the Maryse we met in season one. 
  • Tying into my previous statement, I liked the talk that Magnus and Maryse had about Maryse's developing feelings for Luke. Listen, I know it's controversial to ship them. While I've always loved Jocelyn and Luke's relationship to bits and pieces, and wish that they'd never killed her off, I really have grown to love this budding relationship. I think it just fits and connects with what we've developed in the show and it's just... nice. I really, really root for them. 
  • Luke finally makes another appearance and we get to see that bond between him and Clary. No matter what, he will always be her dad and I love any and every scene we get of the two. Like so many other side notes I've made tonight, I just wish there had been even a minute more of time for the two. 
  • Although the angst is upsetting, I like the fact that Alec and Magnus love each other so much they are always willing to sacrifice for one another. The same can be said about Clary and Jace but tonight, it's all about sacrifice for Malec. They are definitely the heart and soul of the show. 
  • Isabelle saving Simon's sister. 
  • Halloween being the backdrop for the entire episode. I loved when Pretty Little Liars did their Halloween episodes because it fit--Shadowhunters has the same perk in story telling when it comes to these holiday episodes. In their case, it was nice seeing how it tied into all of the stories. Simon and Becky bonding, the almost kiss between Simon and Isabelle, Clary losing control and herself, Maryse and Magnus decorating. Something about it just works.

What I didn't like about the episode: 

  • I honestly have mixed feelings on Jordan and Maia's relationship and where it will go from here. I'm not keen on them romantically. As I've already said, I appreciate the sentiment behind Maia's forgiveness and her ability to not only forgive him but to help give him hope for a future, but there's just something about it that I'll never fully be behind. See, a part of me knows that Jordan's cruelty towards her pre-series wasn't because he is a bad guy, it was all to do with the temperament he was facing as he changed into a werewolf. It's a complex situation but it does not change the scars--both literally and figuratively--that he left on Maia. 
  • Still feels like there's a lot of filler and very little resolution for the upcoming series finale. It is obvious this wasn't intended to be the final season and I feel bad for the cast and crew and fans. Everything is wrapping up quickly and while they are still great episodes, it's just not great final episodes. You know? 
  • Trying to remove the tie that binds Clary and Jonathan... only for nothing to happen. It was all so anticlimactic. What was the point? Sigh
  • We will hopefully see more of her and this plot this week, but, again, I felt like the appearance of the Seelie Queen was pointless. She basically only was on to say "OFF WITH THIS HEAD" about Jonathan. I was bored.
Ah, I liked this episode a lot but still felt like it was missing something. Maybe I'm just deep in denial over it ending, but it doesn't feel like it's about to be done. 

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