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all i want is everything All I Want Is Everything (GG #3) by Cecily von Ziegesar | Rating: ★★★★★

Following the events of You Know You Love Me, everyone’s favorite group of partying, reckless, intriguing teenagers are still the hot topic on the infamous Gossip Girl blog.

Which is not at all shocking, given their lives are as entertaining and stressful as your favorite handy dandy soap opera. It’s just as dishy, catty and sarcastic as ever and once more an absolute delight to pick up where we left off in the wild happenings of this batch of characters. Yes, Gossip Girl is the ultimate trash favorite.

All I Want Is Everything is YA chick lit at its finest. Even all these years later, this series is still fun and enjoyable and cringe worthy, i.e: a total beach read. So grab your shades, that new bikini and your favorite drink – it’s time to dive back into this dishy world and gossip our cute little butts off. Who doesn’t love a good gossip?

Winter break is nearly here and with the end of the year drawing closer, there's plenty of room for these kids to ring in the new year with dramatic sparks. Some will stay in the city for the holidays while others will be jetting off for a vacation in the sun and the world at their feet.

Thankfully for us, and the entire Upper East Side, the loveable pair of best frenemies, Blair and Serena, have patched up their friendship. Now that both girls are single and BFFs again, they’re looking to spend their winter holidays in the sun and to enjoy themselves thoroughly. They’ve earned it, right? With Nate no longer in either girls romantic lives, they’ve retracted their claws and maybe, just maybe, their eyes will meet another special someone’s.

But... Blair’s family life is about to become even more complicated for her amongst the news that her newly married mother is, God forbid, PREGNANT. Ugh. Poor B, she’s not exactly having the best of luck as of late. With her breakup with Nate, her disastrous birthday AND Yale interview, the inclusion of a new step sibling and her mothers marriage, things have just been hell for everyone's favorite queen b. Can she relax on her vacation? Or will she party her days away? Between all of this, she may just end up losing her V-Card…

Then again, maybe not.

Dan and Vanessa’s relationship is heating up in a few ways, but not in the right ways. At least not for V. How, oh how, does one seduce their favorite poetic brooding boy? Dan likes to think of sex as something special and romantic and doesn’t want it to be some spur of the moment shag-in-between-classes sorta deal. At least not yet.

And then for everyone’s favorite fourteen year old, little Jenny Humphrey has snagged herself the hottest boy on the UES, Nate Archibald and finds herself living a fairy tale romance. Yes, Jenny has certainly fallen hard for Nate. And Nate is certainly into Jenny – but is it love, or lust or is he trying to forget a certain duo of best friends?

How long until things grow TRULY complicated for our kids? I, for one, cannot wait for the sparks to fly… and boy, do they.

Jenny and Nate find themselves in a bit of a scandal that could get the both of them into some trouble. You know, not a sex tape but certainly enough to raise more than a few eyebrows. And who shot the video, without realizing who they were filming? None other than our budding film maker, Vanessa.

After I love yous are exchanged between Nate and Jenny, things take a strange turn. You almost forget how young Jenny is until you start to see her swooning and more over her boyfriend. She’s certainly taking this role of girlfriend seriously and this relationship is a massive priority for her.

Not that we blame her. She’s a typical love sick teenager that often boarders on creepy. This, of course, makes things more than a little uncomfortable for Nate – especially as his mind wanders elsewhere to a certain ex girlfriend of his. And when word of a certain video comes about, their relationship definitely bursts into flames.

Vanessa catches the eyes of a film maker who wants to work with her after seeing the video. Blair nearly loses her virginity but backs out last minute. Dan forgets to put on his big boy pants and bitches about a lot. Jenny’s social life seems to have hit a snag. Serena is still the ultimate it girl and grows closer to Aaron. And Nate makes his move to try and win back Blair.

Blair has always been my favorite in the series but this book is where she truly shines. She’s a lot calmer than others, one of her most iconic quotes pops up in this installment and she takes her relationship with Nate into her own hands upon realizing she doesn’t need him. And he doesn’t deserve her, not yet.

While ringing in the new year, couples split and others form. Overall, it is a blast to read and lose yourself in these kids lives. Sexy, funny, dramatic and stylish: Gossip Girl continues to be the best.

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