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crossfire3 Entwined with You by Sylvia Day | Rating: ★★★★☆

If souls could be mated with wishes, ours would be inextricably entwined.

I’ll admit it: the Crossfire series has become something of a guilty pleasure for myself. An absolutely perfect sultry and dramatic beachy read. Oh, who am I kidding–I’m not one to believe in guilty pleasures, but if I were, Sylvia Day’s worldwide bestselling erotic series would be #1 on said list.

Let me just admit it now: I am total Eva and Gideon trash. Together, apart, whatever–I love these two beautiful survivors and lovers. They’re realistic and flawed and while I’d never want a relationship quite as unhealthy as theirs, it’s fun to read and neither let each other get away with bullshit

It’s steamy, it’s fun, it’s full of heartbreaking emotion and rich characters that can captivate just about any reader. Sylvia takes what we’ve learned about the characters and builds onto it, flipping us back and forth in our own conflicting emotions. As usual, she makes the emotion behind each character and their relationships jump out of the pages and hit your heart right where it hurts.

Entwined with You emphasizes the usual sexiness and obstacles our couple is faced with, it barely makes mention of certain tings but still continues on with a lot.

Eva and Gideon’s relationship is at a secret point right now due to the events in the last book, and this makes the relationship all the more thrilling and passionate to both characters and readers alike.

And I liked that. I liked that the two are blissed out and still have their moments, but generally are equal parts fluffy and sexy. I feel like I got to know them on a more emotional scale in this one and it was just nice.

More importantly, it improves on the previous installment and doesn’t seem to trip over itself half as much as the second book. I liked the subplots with Cary’s relationships and Tatiana’s pregnancy. I keep hoping for more of him or maybe a spin off book series–I can’t help it!

Although moments are cringe worthy and rushed, it’s still a fun read and will leave you equal parts curious and swooning.

We see Eva’s father again. It’s upsetting given the moment he finds out about what happened to Eva all those years ago and he comes out to visit. He also tears into Eva’s mother for keeping it from him and frankly, it was a long time coming but not for the right reasons. I’m not a fan of Eva’s mother; this much everyone knows.

And then in a surprise move, Eva’s mother and father sleep together.

Naturally shaking Eva up a bit. Which is kind of entertaining and is certainly one of the lightest dramatic plot twists the series has had. So it was refreshing and funny. I hope we see more of their dynamic in the next one.

Eva and Gideon’s relationship grows in spite of the secretive nature they’ve got to put out. I’m pretty sure everyone knew the two were still together, we know Cary’s thoughts on the matter, and I thought it was fun to see it all play out. In a surprise turn of events, the two get married and plan to tell everyone they are just engaged.

This means throwing a wedding for their friends and family one day soon. Mixed emotions amongst certain people for this one and I thought it was all sort of rushed which is why this one didn’t get a five star rating. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it.

It did suit the two and their fast paced romance, so that’s why I am not complaining too much. I feel like for a bulk of these characters; Gideon, Cary and Eva, their lives are a whirlwind. Eva and Gideon getting married so quickly, Cary’s life potentially changing with that and his relationships with both Tatiana and Trey–it all happens so fast,

But it leaves a lot of things in the air: what will happen with their living arrangements, what happens with Corrine’s feelings for Gideon and Brett’s for Eva? Not to mention that weird reporter, Deanna, who seems to have a vendetta against Gideon and is looking for blood.

A lot of this gets answered before the end. Plenty of feelings are hashed out, plans are made and it’s all very soap opera-like. In other words, fun.

Entwined with You is Crossfire at its finest and truly a romance to get lost in. It's first and foremost a lovestory set in a world as realistic as our own, in the city that never sleeps and captures us with its fiery nature and the luxuries that come by the hand of Gideon Cross.

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