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‘Tis the season to be jolly.
And walk down memory lane.

[Update: I've been sick so this idea is pretty much in the bin now but I will still try to do a few holiday reviews!] Leading up to the days before the holidays I will be revisiting, reposting and revising reviews from some of my favorite (or non favorite) holiday stories. If you do not celebrate any holiday during this time, I’m going to apologize to you right here and now for clogging up your senses with my festive gibberish and ask you to stay patient, the season will be gone before you know it.

And of course if you do not celebrate Christmas but instead one of many beautiful holidays, you are more than welcome to share your favorite tidbits and stories and traditions with me.

(I wish you a very, very happy holiday season.)

This time of the year is my favorite. In my postings from now until Christmas is over, I will explore some holiday gems through the genres and review them all to celebrate the season. My first thought is to also include past reviews that have been made recently in the genre: One Wish in Manhattan by the wonderful Mandy Baggot in particular. Which, if you haven't checked it out yet, this is the part where I shake you and say to snag a copy for yourself this holiday season. Fluffy and overall a delight to read, One Wish in Manhattan is one of those books you should curl up next to a fire with. It's really cozy.

As for me...

Between decorating my home (ignoring the fact that my ceiling is leaking, ugh!), spending time with family and friends, dressing up in ridiculous sweaters and drowning in gingerbread flavored coffee or spiked eggnog and watching cheesy holiday specials, I will be making it a point to post more frequently when it comes to holiday cheer and cute little stories.

But what about you, readers? I would love to get to know each and every single one of you quiet little nuggets. I hear from you in my comments every now and again, but mostly you reach out to me on Tumblr and Instagram. So feel free to answer on any of those platforms if you don't want to leave a comment here.

What are your favorite stories and films to ring in the season?

What is your favorite memory?

What traditions have stood the test of time?

I want to hear it all.

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