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3:04 PM

 T H E  E N D  OAE R A?

I'm trying something incredibly new for this blog. In an effort to save time for my life outside of the internet, I've decided to mash-up my other blogs with this one. Why? Because I have so much more to say about more than just literature but not enough time to operate more than one blog. Have no fear! Just because I am making my blog more of a lifestyle oriented page, doesn't mean that my book reviews are going anywhere. They will still be the main focus of this blog and I promise you, I won't be phasing them out any time soon. Or, you know, ever. In the meantime, I will be reworking the way I run things and will more than likely post roundups of music, musicals, television, film, beauty products, fashion, politics, people I've been admiring as of late (celebrities, other bloggers or companies) and more of my thoughts on such. I may even dive into posting about fan fiction and Wattpad stories I've read recently.

(Including my own blurbs of my writing.
Assuming I write anything I fancy posting, that is.)

I will say that once my computer is fixed, I had a minor situation with coffee and my keyboard a month back (no biggie!), there will be a revamp over here--I will not be changing the blog name or my URL, so I will squash any confusion for you guys now, unless I decide to take the plunge and repurchase a domain name, but I will be posting more than just book talk. Essentially, I hope to make my page more versatile and flexible to what I want to get off my chest. If you are not interested in reading articles on certain things, my thoughts and other interests, I will leave up a link, in the upcoming new navigation, to the tag that will direct you to only book reviews and/or posts.

In fact, I will be redoing my tagging system entirely in the coming months so you can click a simple link and be directed to the posts/topic of your choice. Think of it as a little change in format--not quite fully fledged lifestyle blogging, not an online magazine, but something in between. I expect to start working on this in the coming days, when I can between work and other things, and will more than likely start with television or beauty products before slowly working in other things as well.

I look forward to hearing more from you guys and am truly excited to start this new chapter of BOOKED J. After nearly a decade of working under this name, I am thrilled to expand my page and see where it takes me now. Comments are back up and running, so feel free to curse me out or just say hi.

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