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Jughead (2015) #2 by Chip Rating: ★★★★★ 

Jughead Jones is back and better than ever! In Jughead #2, everyone's favourite is in for some serious trouble--detention! Gasp! Howl! The horror! In my humble opinion, Jughead #2 is even better than the first installment of the newly rebooted Riverdale favourite and as usual is totally giggle worthy. Can I say that without sounding lame? Definitely not. Am I going to say it anyways? Duh.

Once more, the new Jughead combines new and old traits together; tying generations of fans up quite nicely. I found this installment to be more humorous than the previous which is saying something, since the last one was pretty damn funny! Of course, I am biased--as you know, Jughead Jones is one of my favourite comic characters of all-time. In #2, the artwork is on point and the characters we know and love are just as fun as they've always been. I couldn't get enough of it!

And I'm not going to lie, I totally cackled during the scene in detention when Jughead and Dilton were talking. "Your dad's name is Harvard?" Dilton? Hello, Dilton? (I actually wanted to add: is this thing on? To this entire scene. I was giggly, I guess.) The way that this scene is portrayed is classic Archie all the way and as mundane as it seems, it just made me smile like a doofus. Or like a Jughead who just spot a burger--whichever.

Anyways--Mr. Flute-snoot, anyone?

The issue only gets funnier as Jughead takes a snooze in detention and dreams of January McAndrews--a descendant of the one, the only, Archie Andrews. The crowd cheers! Jughead's bizarre dreams always make me chuckle because they are pop culture filled trips that somehow make you feel nostalgic and keep it entertaining. While this one didn't quite touch the hilarious Game of Jones, The Time Directive was still a blast from the, er, future.

In this little gem we get a futuristic Riverdale and a glimpse at what happens in their disastrous future. We get funny lines like "Well, I guess we have to kill Reggie for the betterment of mankind." which just feels right on the mark like the typical sarcastic ball that is Jughead Jones. The dream is all about bending the rules and it's just full of funny moments, I enjoyed it immensely. Plus, the new spelling of Riverdale--in the future--is hilariously cringe worthy.

(The great vowel war of 2200...)

Even better, the dream--and when he wakes up in detention--briefly mentions a bit of his sexual orientation. Jughead Jones is asexual, people! Don't kiss him! Eek! Aak! Back to the original detention plot--I loved seeing Jughead get a bit more confident and pumped about gym after he's served his detention and he kind of just takes on the new, strict coach. Overall, this issue is classic Jughead and friendly to new and old fans alike--I cannot wait for the next issue!

I thought it was funny, too, to see where the story ended up. Are his days at Riverdale over? Doubtful!

I liked the vibe it gave when he went to the principals office--a bit like an old film, if you ask me. And the artwork illustrated everything beautiful. I kind of want to marry the people who made this issue--and the reboot--possible and full of so much life.

As always, there's a throwback to the original Jughead comics and the blast from the past is a delightful contrast to our reboot. I have two words for you: Mistaken. Identity.

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