28 Novel That Gave Me the Warm & Fuzzies This Year

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Anybody else feel like this year has been giving us SO many warm and fuzzy reads? I feel like we've been getting some really fantastic novels this year that give that feeling of warmth.Given the fact that it is getting close to the end of 2019 (!! how) and those of us in the U.S. are celebrating Thanksgiving this month, I thought this month would be a great time to start diving into some of the best novels of the year so far. (Or just, you know, showing appreciation towards these particular novels.)

How Novels Give Me the Warm and Fuzzies

They exude the gooey goodness that is my favourite tropes. I HAVE A LOT OF FAVOURITE TROPES. So many that I'm screaming about them right now and my neighbors are probably calling the cops on me because DEAR GOD, ISN'T IT ENOUGH I'M CONSTANTLY SINGING SHOW-TUNES? WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING ABOUT HATE TO LOVE?????? (Wow, I'm CLEARLY in desperate need of sleep. Take the interweb away.)
Cuddly, ordinary romantic tropes THAT ARE DIVERSE. And well done. AKA, made new again and offering up some representation.
They just make me HAPPY. It doesn't have a specific plotline: it just feels good. The outside world is a mess right now AND I NEED SOMETHING OPTIMISTIC AND SWEET AND CAREFREE AND--
Genre hopping/mixing. Give me fantasy with darkness and softness mingling! Give me a contemporary with real life elements, human complexities and Stars Hallow vibes! Gimme gimme more, gimme (whaaat) gimme gimme MORE. (Is it really a post if I'm not singing B-Spears? I think not.) I AM NOT PICKY! Mix it up! 
Solid friendships or family relationships!! You know, the kind that makes you want to throw yourself into the pages of a book and yell BE MY FRIEND. (Please be my friend!) 
Soft and prickly love interests who stumble in and give you ALL THE FEELS. (And bonus points for banter. In this house, we stan banter.)
Novels that are just purely entertaining. Give me the stuff to get lost in!!
Honestly it doesn't take a lot to give me the warm and fuzzies because apparently (!) I have a heart now and it's super weird. I have no idea what to do with it. HOW DOES ONE HEART?

Just for Clicks is one of the perfect examples. It's got a little bit of everything! Family drama, teenage angst and a little romance sprinkled in. Honestly, this novel had me smiling for SO LONG after I read it and it was definitely a sweet little coming of age gem. The same can be said of 29 Dates, which was super sweet and fun and just all around delightful.

Best read by listening to Six the Musical, The Dead Queens Club has a lot of humor and a girl squad kicking ass. Did I mention it's a historical retelling that puts Henry VIII and all of his wives in a modern, high school setting and it's HILARIOUS. Think John Tucker Must Die in spirit and based on real people. Meanwhile, The Bride Test is the hotly anticipated sequel to The Kiss Quotient and it's just as fun as its predecessor! I walked away from it feeling buzzed and more than a little swoony.

It felt like a crime to not include these two at the same time because both Red, White & Royal Blue and Her Royal Highness left me feeling all hearts and mushy goodness. I felt like I'd just listened to one of Taylor Swift's best love songs (which is all of them*) and adored them both. Give me all the QUEER royal romances, thank you, please. They were EVERYTHING I never knew I wanted in a romance.

The more I read by Christina Lauren, the more I love by them! The Unhoneymooners was SUCH a highly entertaining, feel good novel and I think I need to revisit it this winter. Get my warm and fuzzy on when it's cold out, you know? I have something of a fondness towards it. It was romantic and hilarious and sexy AND had some excellent banter. Birthday is the most heavy book on this list due to subject matter but the ended gave me the most hope and the most warmth and I cried a lot because all I wanted was for them to get a happy ending--and they did. Well, a happy new beginning.

The Prom is based upon the musical of the same name, which so happens to be one of my favourite musicals of the last year. It's such a wonderfully heartwarming (and at times, heart wrenching due to ignorance of others) story and it never fails to get a smile out of me. It's one of those books that I wish I had in high school--much like how I wish the musical had been around then, too. Doing the blog tour for it was an absolute treat. Like Birthday and The Prom, a lot of heavier topics are touched upon in This Time Will Be Different. Despite this, it was definitely one of the sweetest novels of the year.

Unintentionally, these covers pair REALLY well together due to their vibrancy. They also happen to be two of my favourite covers of their year despite the fact that I usually dislike people on book art. (It's a personal preference and never indicative of the quality of the books, obviously.) She's the Worst was one of my favourite YA contemporaries of the year due to its exploration of the complexities of sisterhood AND accurately representing teenage girlhood. If It Makes You Happy was another one of my favourite YA contemporaries--it has SUCH good representation, is another book I wish I had in high school and it just made me really happy.

Dear Haiti, Love Alaine has THE prettiest cover of the year and I'm forever raving about what's on the inside of it. I loved this story so much and have been already feeling like maybe a reread is in order. 10 Blind Dates is a more recent read and release but DANG, it was feel good perfection and such a fun little fluff fest.

Well Met is one of those books that I never knew I even WANTED. It was so freaking charming and fun and full of banter. It definitely made my top five adult releases of the year. Ugh, SO good. I repeat: so good. Full Disclosure tackled some tough topics but still managed to give me all kinds of feelings and is definitely one of the BEST YA debuts of the year. Completely unforgettable.

In terms of me relating to a character, Don't You Forget About Me had one in particular that just clicked for me. The novel itself definitely came into my life at just the right time and not only made me exceedingly happy, it helped me come to terms with something in my day to day life. And who doesn't love second chance romances? I know a lot of people really disliked Love at First Like but there was something so charming about these characters that really hit a sweet spot for me. I guess I love unlikable characters?

Like I said earlier, GIVE ME ALL THE BOOKS ABOUT GIRLS KICKING ASS. Rebel Girls is a great example of it and it really made an impact on me. Such a fun and honest novel. How the Light Gets In left its mark on me too--it was a bit more paranormal than the other books on this list and had a lot to do with grief, but it was still a wonderfully heartwarming read.

You might be questioning my sanity and understanding of the term 'warm and fuzzies' when it comes to Season of the Witch. YES, it's a horror novel. YES, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina isn't exactly known for its warm and fuzzies. BUT HEAR ME OUT: I'm Archie Comics trash. I'm Archie Horror trash. Most importantly, I'm Spellman Family Trash AND THERE WAS SO MUCH WARM AND FUZZY TO IT. I'll leave it at that. That being said, The Bromance Book Club was SUCH a fun read, too.

Ah, you guys will likely remember the full on swoon-ish reaction I had to By Any Means Necessary. In case you forgot, I ADORED THIS NOVEL. Also, I almost got stung by a bee while trying to take a picture of it. Frankly In Love was just an all around good time that left me smiling.

As far as starts to new series goes, American Royals KILLS IT. I just love the fluffiness and the way that McGee mixes up history and gives us a whole new modern world. I've always wondered what it would be like to live in the states--now--in a monarchy. And, onto another series beginning: The Red Scrolls of Magic. YES, HI, HELLO, GIVE ME MORE MALEC. ALWAYS. Thank you!

You might be asking yourself: Jessica? Are you okay?????? Forgotten? THAT'S NOT A CHEERFUL STORY. And okay it kind of isn't but I've been feeling so nostalgic after rereading House of Night and then diving into House of Night Other World (which is SO superior) and I'm just a puddle of mush right now. Okay? It's an OUCHIE but it's also a swoony. It gave me all the feels and made me feel like a kid again. And, last but not least, Again, But Better! I think I might upgrade my rating on it because the other day I was thinking about it and suddenly I was REALLY SOFT.

What reads have given you the warm and fuzzies this year? 
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