A Simple Nod to Saint Patrick's Day: Books With Green Covers

3:11 PM

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, if you celebrate! 

I think we all have varying thoughts on this holiday and its celebrations. One side of my family is Irish, though, so I am pretty used to celebrating it to a degree. This is actually the first Saint Patrick's Day that I've not been sick on in like a decade. So, cheers to that.

Yesterday I realized, while thinking up post ideas, that I've never actually posted anything in regards to the holiday.

So, while my neighbors are outside being obnoxiously loud and drinking themselves into a stupor (not that this is any different from any other day) and I consider making myself an Irish coffee to deal with how annoying they are, I thought: might as well kick it old school and make a post featuring book covers that are mostly green.

I know, I know, green book covers? On Saint Patrick's Day?

But, why not, right?

 Enjoy your day, guys!

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