Shadowhunters Recap: Heidi Pulls the Strings, Aline and Clary Train Together and Pancakes

9:26 PM

I'm in denial that we've only got just a little more than a handful of episodes left. 
Shadowhunters: 3x15 NOW WITH MORE PANCAKES.

Matthew Daddario Reaching for the Tweet Hall of Fame?

First topic of the night: Heidi is back and fully on brand with her crazy, villainess bullshit.

Maybe all of my future recaps should always start with some variation of that statement involving her and Jonathan as individuals. They're always on their bullshit.

But, seriously, baby girl was on POINT this evening. Looking flawless (! those curls) and being completely batshit and manipulative. I kind of can't help but to stan. She's T-R-O-U-B-L-E in the most deliciously evil kind of way.

Our villainess is going at it from ALL ANGLES once more. I mean, that speech for the vampires? I am like? And... her total power play in pointing the finger to save her own ass?

She's got almost everyone thoroughly mind-fucked and I am kind of... BIG on admiring that? Heidi is literally playing everyone like a pro and it's wild. I find her to be so insufferable that it's actually kind of intriguing and brilliant.

The most pleasantly mundane (ha!) and sweet moment of the night goes to the Shadowhunters eating breakfast. It's pancake day. Magnus Bane is in the house... er, Institute. And... I AM HERE FOR IT. In theory. Mostly because I think it's adorable seeing the group act like the family that they are. Plus, Izzy stealing Jace's food is such a look.


I feel for Magnus, though, because he is completely tense having to live at the Institute.

Meanwhile, Luke is in some serious deep shit with the mundane law enforcement and is once again being blamed for something he didn't do. I.E., the massacre at the Jade Wolf. Damn, mundanes, just not getting IT. I mean? C'mon. Let's stop doing this to Luke. He's everyone's dad and his kids need him.

Book fans, rejoice! There are a couple of nods to the books this week. Namely, Aline is back. Things aren't all warm and fuzzy with her reappearance and there's an uncomfortable scene between her and Jace. While it leads to a very shippy Clace line straight from Jace, it's still an uncomfortable scene. Also, we have a new Aline and I'm not sure why the role was recast?

The scene I've been waiting for all season: Aline and Clary sparring. Phew. Shadowhunters isn't Shadowhunters without a good training/fight scene--the choreography is always incredible and the soundtrack? Yes, yes, yes, YES. But, holy shit? That scene went so dark, so quickly--and obviously, Jonathan's influencing the darkness in Clary once more.

Izzy, our darling Isabelle, has to make a heartbreaking choice and is stuck between her duty as a Shadowhunter, and her friendship/connection with Raphael. After being called out by Heidi, she makes a difficult decision and leads us headfirst into a heartbreaking goodbye.

The line of the night goes to the scene where Clary and Jace visit Luke while he's in custody. It's a heartbreaking scene, but very definitive. "I need my dad." is that statement that we've been waiting for; the acknowledgement that blood or no blood, Luke Garroway is Clary Fray's father. 


Finally, I hope that Magnus deserves a break. He and Alec need a place of their own, again. That is what is most obvious in his scenes this week. Him living at the Institute is not fun. I also am curious about what's going on with that "magic" that was happening and also, I'm curious about the way that Underhill is treating him. I never trust anyone in these shows--and for good reason. I just hope my instincts are wrong.

Other things to note: 

  • We're getting close to the arrival of Helen. I don't follow spoilers, but I'm pretty certain she is getting close. I'm ready for Helen and Aline to rise. And the aftermath of that scene at the hospital. Heidi knows no bounds. 
  • Not to make another note about Heidi, but, like, she's a nightmare looking like a daydream so here we are.
  • The little scenes between Maia and Simon have me missing them. I really do love the two on the show as a couple. And then, Isabelle MENTIONS Simon and I'm like, YES????? And then, more confusion happens, because Raphael and Isabelle. I'm like. Fine. Okay. Fair enough. Play with my heart, Shadowhunters, it's cool.
  • Heidi's whisper about Nora holding her breath. I think that's the right name? Anyways, Heidi gets a lot of the chilling lines as of late and something about the delivery of this one was a trip.  
  • More domestic Malec. And jealous Magnus. And confused Alec. 
  • "It's Simon (pause) the Daylighter." Simon calling Alec. Nice. 
  • Jonathan. That's it. That scene about Clary and Jonathan being drawn to the same place gave me some serious chills. Clary is 100% over Jonathan's bullshit. That bit about it not being destiny, it's a damn rune? Had me ROLLING. I love (1) LEGEND. 
  • Maia confronts Heidi--to which Heidi replies with, "Oh, look who it is? The big bad wolf." And the... scene that follows. Bye, Heidi, girl! Maia is THAT wolf and injected herself with holy water (cheers, Heidi!) and... well...
  • That scene of Clary starring into the fireplace. Jonathan's impact when it comes to her touching the flames. I have chills. And then them flashing to Jonathan, with the burn and a smile present? D-A-M-N. 
  • "Get in, losers, we're going to the Silent Brothers."--Jace, probably.
  • Raphael Santiago just keeps on breaking my heart. Oh my God. THIS HURTS. What he did was wrong, but he is also... one of the best characters this series has.
  • I need an Alec and Maia friendship. And Alec and Simon. ASAP. Thank you.
  • But... there's been a hiccup: WHAT'S HAPPENING TO MAGNUS? 
Needless to say: ANOTHER BRILLIANT EPISODE. And I have to ask: why is Freeform cancelling this? Ugh. Next week cannot come fast enough.

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