Shadowhunters Recap: No Longer Stabby in Siberia, Clarissa Montana's Parisian Adventures

9:29 PM

Season 3, Episode 12 had me wanting to sing Hannah Montana's "Best of Both Worlds" ???? 

Keeping up with the Shadowhunter Recaps has been a little more difficult then I thought. For those of you who don't know, or who are simply knew to Booked J, you'll know that the last six months have been as rubbish as they come for me: my dad still hasn't successfully found work, and is running out of time to do so, and will only be receiving $300 in pension, which is unlivable, so that has been a bit heavy on my mind.

Since I don't make enough money on my own to help support them financially, I am not sure what to do. It makes me spin just thinking about it. And to make matters worse, as you may know, my friend's mother recently lost her battle with cancer.

Between the prospect of losing everything, and the very real and potent aftermath of my friend's loss, my motivation has been very little in terms of keeping up with my projects. However, I need to be able to focus on Booked J, as it's always been: an outlet. Because I don't know how much longer I will be able to.

That being said: Shadowhunters. When in doubt, hold on tightly to your favourite stabby demon hunting children. That's the old saying right? No? I'm still completely gutted by its cancellation but look forward to every new episode. Even if it doesn't follow its source material closely, these characters will always be massively comforting to me.


If you find yourself watching Shadowhunters and thinking, hm, needs more Cain, and more demons who run antique shops in Paris, then you're in luck. BECAUSE, this episode features both of those things. Plus, it features a highly anticipated reunion between Clace, some very hot and heavy scenes for Malec, and more Sizzy.

Basically, HELLO, ENDGAME.

I'll give you a moment to catch your breath.

The episode picks up quite quickly and as per usual will keep fans on the edge of their seat. I can tell that the season was written not as a final season, but the team behind the series is definitely trying to lay the scene for these final episodes. It's bittersweet, but thrilling. And very, very STABBY.

(We love stabby times!!!!!)

Our beloved Clary Fray had a Hannah Montana moment in this episode whilst disguising herself. And taking off that disguise. I'm not ashamed to say that this is IMMEDIATELY where my mind went because, shame, what is shame? We love a Hannah Montana moment.


Here are my personal highlights of the episode: 

  • More of the magical apartment. I've always been keen on learning more about this little gem of a plot from the books. While the show isn't establishing much about it, not anymore than the books, it is still fun to see this come to life. I like that the world is open wide for Jonathan and Clary's weird little travels. WE'RE IN PARIS, GUYS! Paris!
  • Clary stabbing Jonathan. 
  • On the topic of two weird little traveling stabby siblings, we get a bit more bonding between the two. Which isn't, obviously, real. Although it feels almost real at times. I find the effect of this similar to Joe on You: you know this character is pure evil, but he seems almost rational and sincere it's unnerving. Maybe Jonathan and Joe are cut from the same demonic cloth. What? Stranger things have happened.
  • Domestic Malec vs. Malec training together. I LOVED the sense of normalcy and the balance of their scenes. Ugh, they are developed so beautifully and I love, love, love that we got to see so much of them throughout this episode. They're by far one of my favourite relationships of all time. Seeing Magnus cope without magic is sad, but when life gives you oranges... squeeze orange juice. That's the saying now, fight me. 
  • SIMON LEWIS AND ISABELLE LIGHTWOOD. I feel like I've been waiting for them to rise for so long. This season is definitely their season and I'm hopeful that there will be plenty of moments leading into them being endgame. I liked their little team-up and mission because it really displays how willing they are to help each other, even at the risk of themselves. I feel like that is what makes the core relationships, well, themselves. I was surprised that the mysterious vampire figure they were looking for was Cain--like, the Cain, as in the Mark of Cain. WILD. Then, that scene of them back with the Seelie Queen, and the sacrifice that Isabelle had to make (her sobriety) to help save Simon? My heart.
  • Clary stabbing Jonathan. Did I mention that already? She stabs herself as well at the end of the episode but NOT FOR KICKS, she just really wanted to stab Jonathan again, ya know?
  • Jace, Luke and Alec finding Clary. Our girl has shit under control (mostly) and would have found her way back to them somehow. BUT, we got the Clace reunion of our dreams. Mostly. By that I mean an almost underwhelming reunion in front of the Eiffel Tower. Which arguably made up for the whole being a little underwhelmed thing. 
  • The demon running an antique shop. This made me laugh. We love a comedy. 
  • Jonathan hunting for A VERY SPECIFIC MORGENSTERN SWORD. 
  • Clary stabbing Jonathan.
  • Underrated scenes with Meliorn. He's so beautiful. I like how he's basically just like, yo, hmu @ Sizzy.


What I wish this episode had included:
  • I'm a little bitter that we don't get to see Simon and Clary contacting each other while she is with Jonathan. I'm totally okay with the other changes (although, obviously, I still wish it was Jace attached to Jonathan) but I'm so bummed about this being cut out! I feel like we're not getting much of that friendship anymore and I'm kind of not a fan. 
  • Missed opportunity over them not having, like, a Warlock running a Bakery next door to the Demon's Antique Shop. 
  • Clary should have stabbed Jonathan a few more times for fun. 
  • Isabelle and Simon should have been a part of the "rescue Clary" mission. Actually, everyone should have been. Blah-blah. 
  • More Luke in general. But, well, I always want to see more Luke so! 
I'm still like equally parts cringey (IT'S CHEESY) and hypnotized by Clary's hair flip changes. Sorry. 

Overall, this was another fun episode. I loved seeing hints of Paris. SO aesthetically pleasing. Plus, I am obsessed with Clary's LOOKS in this episode. Honestly. Sign me up! I loved the action and that little bit of uneasiness we're all getting at times over Jonathan.

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