Shadowhunters Recap: Aftermath of the attack at the Jade Wolf, Clace on Ice and THOSE Creepy Jonathan Traits From the Novels Return

12:37 AM

Shadowhunters: 3x14 was certainly icy this week. 

Shadowhunters is really bringing it during their final season. Not only was this weeks episode great, it featured even more throwbacks to the books.

We're talking ANOTHER great Clace line from the original novels make an appearance, that creepy attraction Jonathan has towards Clary (which I can do without, yuck) continues to reach new heights and Maia forgives Jordan for their past (you know, his straight up abusive behavior towards her) which only solidifies what I've been saying for years: Maia Roberts is better than all of us and deserves all good things.

Other notes:

Lorenzo returns and is pretty on brand, and makes me question what they even plan on doing with his character any further, Magnus gets his magic back, but at what cost? And pathologist Izzy makes an appearance for the first time in ages and reminded me just how much I love Isabelle Lightwood.


Shadowhunters really did THAT with her development and I'm so here for it.

It's date night in Shadowhunters: 

After their night together, and all these two have gone through in the duration of the series, Clary and Jace finally get some downtime and are able to have a date. Cuteness and angst ensues soon after. As the two ice skate and have a seemingly normal night together, and everything is going well, their date is crashed by a very determined Jonathan.

And in true Jonathan fashion, he takes things up a notch by glamouring himself into taking on Jace's appearance and attempts to--yuck--kiss Clary. You know, his sister. Demons these days just have no manners. Sigh.

But, our girl, Clary, is quick to realize it's not Jace. Obviously. Thankfully, she promptly calls Izzy for backup and things slowly unravel from then on. 3x14 is definitely Clace's episode and a very fitting one. I feel like this season has really, really upped its game again about working in more book content or similar feelings that the novels evoked from its readers.

After everything unravels with that specific plotline, and Jonathan, of course, gets away, Clace share a tender scene with one another. This is one of my favourite moments between the two in the books and it was very special seeing it, finally, come to life. Clace shippers are eating GOOD this season.


Meanwhile, Malec had their own date night. Which, yeah, sure, fine, it wasn't actually a date. But, uh, they go grave robbing. Which was just kind of delightfully weird? It tied in really well with all that is happening, set a different pace, and really played into Magnus' magic. Although they weren't the sole focus of the episode, the Malec bits we did see were, as always, beautiful.

Magnus and Alec both have some really great scenes throughout the episode. Alec standing up to Lorenzo. Magnus' magic returning--but the consequences and changes that came with it are probably about to cause some serious issues for him. As always, Magnus Bane reminds me why he is one of my favourite characters of all time with this quote: "Magic connects me to everything around me. Without magic, I feel like a stranger. The world keeps on going, and it’s like I’m not a part of it. Like suddenly I don’t matter."

These are always characters I connect with. Seeing them have scenes like the above is heartbreaking and very intimate and satisfying. 

What the episode was missing: 

More resolution on the Maia and Jordan forgiveness. I feel like more could have been done for that but I still really, really admire Maia's ability to forgive someone who wronged her so severely. I am constantly in awe of her and just how big her heart is. I think the episode could have done with at a few more scenes--they really should have made an episode of the theme of forgiveness from Maia and the rescue that came soon after.

Again, I feel like they could have given Izzy more in 3x14. It's not that she wasn't a big part to the episode--I just always want more Isabelle Lightwood, okay?

Left with more questions:

There so many answers I need before the series finale, which is fast in its approach. I have to know what's going to happen to Clary now that it's obvious that Jonathan's influence on her. What else is going to be included from the books. What Lorenzo is REALLY up to. Why Jonathan has a fake Clary. What Magnus' magic (it's YELLOW) means and why he got that nosebleed after using said magic. What happens next with the Downworlders after the attack on the Jade Wolf. And if Luke is going to make it out alive after he is framed.

Final thoughts:

The episode was really great and, unsurprisingly, I NEED THE NEXT EPISODE, ASAP. I am going to miss this trashfire of a show so much once it's gone. Weekly f*ck Freeflop statement. 

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