Top Ten Tuesday: Audio Freebie (#33)

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Happy Tuesday, readers!! You know what that means... 

This weeks topic was a tricky one for me: Audio Freebie. The logical choice might have been to pick a few of my favourite audiobooks, but the truth is I'm the worst about audiobooks. If you know me, I am willing to bet you already know that!

So, here's what I decided on instead: SPOOKY STORIES. Viral scary stories via Youtube (aka the people who read scary stories to their audience; fiction and possibly non-fiction), Creepypastas or the No Sleep Thread on Reddit that have been given the podcast or Youtube treatment, to be specific.

When I was a little nugget all snuggled up with my beloved TY beanie baby hippo (Happy) and little sunflower printed dresses, I was NOT keen on scary stories. It's funny to think that back then I'd cry and cry any time my dad put on series like The X-Files, because even just the theme song terrified me but now it's actually my favourite television series of all time.

Basically: fetus!Jessica hated all things scary. Except Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark? which in retrospect, weren't all that scary. Now, I laugh in the face of fear (that was sarcasm) and it's all fun and games here, folks.

Recently, I started listening to my favourite scary stories a lot more frequently than ever before. I've basically fallen down the rabbit hole of all "creepy" viral stories on Youtube and the above mentioned podcasts.

It wasn't until last year that I realized quite a few podcasts had dived headfirst into reading various Creepypasta stories. And then, late last year, I discovered that Youtubers joined in on that fun.

So, let's go! 



This was one of my first CreepyPasta stories. Actually, I think it was my very first. If anything, it was the first that had me take notice to the site and its stories. Mr. Widemouth, though? It's my all-time favourite because it's so freaking simple, but very terrifying. I'm honestly thrilled this wasn't around when I was a kid. (a) Because it would terrify me in general and (b) I was obsessed with all things Furby. Mr. Widemouth is like a cross between Furbies and Gremlins in the worst kind of way.

Loey Lane is a mostly well known Youtuber, who does a lot of story times, lifestyle/beauty and paranormal posts. These stories are sent in by her subscribers and, as always, should be taken with a grain of salt. They're chilling nonetheless. I, personally, love her videos! She's gorgeous and funny and has great taste in pretty much everything. I love listening to her spooky story videos while working. My favourite story in this video starts at 6:46. The others are intriguing, but this is the one that makes the video.

I stumbled upon this story by complete accident. If you ask me how I did, I am still not sure but I am glad I did. This story won't be for everyone. It does contain sensitive subject matter and in the U.S.'s current climate re: NEEDING MORE GUN CONTROL LAWS, this is likely a video/story that will trigger people. That being said, proceed with caution. When I listened to this, I had chills and a lot of questions the entire time. 

This video was another accident and the Youtuber's account is honestly THE BEST ACCIDENTAL FIND FOR ME, EVER. I've gone on a massive binge of her scary storytime videos as of late and HONESTLY? Bring on the nightmares and chills. This is one of the most chilling stories I've heard in a while and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Okay, fine, I'm lying, I was listening to it on my morning jog (smart, Jessica) so I wasn't technically sitting down. It did make me run pretty quickly though? 

Something about this one got under my skin. I can't even explain it. This one definitely reminds me of the sort of stories you'd come up with in the middle of the night at a sleepover and that just keeps on building and deepening. 

This series of stories was recommending to me by a friend who is obsessed with it and Welcome to Night Vale. This one is something I can't necessarily explain, because there's A LOT. I will say it's creepy and surrealistic and totally engrossing. 

I was hooked upon the first bit of narration. This one is just... so weird. So. Freaking. Weird. Less outright scary and just bizarre. That's all I'll say. When I first read it, and then listened to it, the entire time I was like: ?????????????

Cayleigh is one of my favourite True Crime Youtubers. She makes a great mix of creepy content outside of her Dark Matters series, which explores, you guessed it, true crime. Cayleigh has plenty of scary stories, both from herself and her subscribers. This is one of the first of her stories and it's another simple, but effective, scary story. 

The Rake narrated by Jeff Clement and others, written by Bryan Somerville

This is one of the most terrifying Creepypasta stories, ever. Hands down. It gets me every time. 

Penpal Series ("Footsteps" being the first installment) narrated by CreepsMcPasta, written by Dathan Auerbatch

Uhhh, this one, guys??? THIS. ONE. I feel like Footsteps is one of the most essential viral scary stories. I always think of the series and Slenderman (which I omitted from this list because even though it's popular and one of the most iconic ones, it's just not one of my favourites) when the topic of scary stories that originated online comes up. 

What did you pick for this weeks audio freebie?

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