Jessica Gets Ambitious | 5 Book Series I Want to Start Before the End of 2019

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Can you believe it's NOVEMBER? I say this every month of every year but like, uh, how? Where is my life going? Where is the year going? CAN WE SLOW DOWN? (I'm being dramatic.) So, to be real, I probably will only get to ONE of these books, knowing me, but I was feeling ambitious earlier and here we are.

Totally cheating with this one because I technically started the All Souls Trilogy early last month but I haven't gotten far so, sh. It COUNTS! In all sincerity this trilogy is a bit daunting because I hear so many mixed things about it and I'm never quite sure which end of the spectrum I'll be at and, yeah. BUT, I am thinking it'll be the perfect autumn/winter read and I think it's fairly likely that I'll get to it soon. Fingers crossed I enjoy it!

This is a definite must-read for me. I haven't had the time to get to them yet or hunt them down but I am excited to start the Riverdale tie-in novels because I am forever Archie Comics #1 stan. Or just trash for everything they've ever produced in the history of... ever. Oh, how I am eloquent with words. It's been a life long obsession, extending to all of their television series, so OBVIOUSLY I'm down for more Riverdale content.
The Nevernight Chronicle is one of THOSE series that is just constantly praised and I've never not been curious about it. I have the first book now, too, so I REALLY need to get to it. If not by the end of this year, then for sure at the start of 2020. (That seems unreal. That it is about to be 2020. Like, it is still 2006 in my mind, I swear.)

This is one of my favourite Youtubers favourite series AND one of my close friends adores it. So, you KNOW I'm curious as heckity heck about Three Dark Crowns. Which was almost typed as Three Dick Gowns and that is something we'll have to unpack on another day because W-H-Y @ me. Like with Jay Kristoff, I hear a lot of great things about Kendare Blake.

Lastly is The Iron Fey! I've had a boxed set of these books for YEARS (I think I got it in 2014? But it may have been 2015?) and just haven't gotten around to it. With its anniversary coming up next year and those GORGEOUS new editions to celebrate, I figure now is a good of time as any to really dive into what is sure to be a fantastic series.

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