Upcoming 2020 Book Covers That Make Me Swoon

7:30 AM

My wallet is SO not happy with all the pretty books headed our way in 2020. But when is it ever? (Answer: never. When music, literature or lipstick is involved, my bank account wants me dead.)
We all judge books by their covers. I mean, it's fine. We're all shallow friends here, right? (Right?!) And I, personally, can't control my swooning when it comes to beauty. The very second I see pretty designs, I'm already reaching for my wallet and preparing myself for an overflow of books on my TBR cart.

If life were a movie, this would be the part where my TBR cart and bank account team up to destroy me before I destroy them.

If you thought 2019 was nothing short of stunning artwork nearly all around, get ready for 2020. This trend is carrying over until the new year. Yay! Real talk, though, I have this theory that the book publishing world is TRYING to kill me with gorgeous books. I'm not just saying that because The X-Files conspiracy theories are on my mind. I'M CONVINCED.

Which is fine, book me dead or whatever, but also *heavy breathing* LET ME BREATHE FOR LIKE FIVE SECONDS PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Look, I'm a drama queen, so you had to know that this post would feature a little incoherent babble-shouting. It's kind of a tradition on Booked J.

Regardless of whether there's a conspiracy or not, there's a lot to be looking forward to come 2020. (Including the fact that it's a brand new decade and I'm 100% in denial about that.) Every year, the artwork for upcoming releases seems to be getting better and better and I'm OFFICIALLY OBSESSED with these designs.

Illustrated book covers are set to remain IN, in a big way and I'm TOTALLY here for it. Get ready for even more of an illustrated take over. So, it goes without saying that (as I am trash for this trend resurrection) a vast majority of the books on here are of this style in terms of art. 

Have you seen any upcoming 2020 book covers that have made you SWOON? If so, which ones? 
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