More Than Just Mum Leaves You Feeling Bubbly and Smiley | Review: More Than Just Mum by Rebecca Smith

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More Than Just Mum was so fun! And such a surprise. This is definitely one of those novels that you'll want to check out.


Hannah Thompson loves her family beyond words… but sometimes, just sometimes, she wishes she could be recognised as more than just ‘mum’.

Eldest son Dylan is soon to be flying the nest, sixteen-year-old Scarlet keeps asking about penalties for worryingly specific crimes, they’ve forgotten world book day and Benji absolutely will not be Where’s Wally again, and it’s at least two days before she and hubby Nick can sit down for Wine Wednesdays… and even longer until Fizzy Friday.

Determined to find herself a job that she loves, earn a whole lot of money and to have her teenagers respect her as ‘Hannah’ as well as ‘mum’; it might sound like a tall order, but she’s a mum on a mission.

A laugh-out-loud read of self-discovery, family chaos and love. Perfect for fans of Gill Sims, Fiona Gibson and Nick Spalding.

More Than Just Mum by Rebecca Smith
Rating: ★★★★☆

As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way.

More Than Just Mum was such a pleasant surprise in terms of my end of the year reading. I've been having more misses than hits as I tackle my backlist, and I am so glad my luck has finally looked up. Due in part to its sheer hilarity (seriously, I was snorting in laughter at different points and I am proud that I didn't choke on something whilst doing so because Rebecca Smith kept the funny coming) and its likable charm, and the connection readers are able to form with its writing, More Than Just Mum has got to be one of my favourite novels of this last month.

At first glance, I wasn't expecting this to be more than a fun and fluffy romp of a novel. I love being smacked down a peg when it comes to assumptions, and judging books by its cover, because this was (ahem) more than just a quick read. Not only did Smith incorporate many stunning and light qualities within More Than Just Mum, it felt very much so like truth of life reflecting back to us.

Some of the best pieces of fiction are those that are able to bend into something that is equal parts real and unreal. Something that is equally escapism or a way to connect with something you've felt. More Than Just Mum will bring joy to its readers and many mothers will be quick to spy parts of themselves, or their lives, in our leading lady, Hannah.

I found the novel itself to be a great balance of honesty and humor; of family and work, and much more. There's a little something for everyone in More Than Just Mum that will keep you in place for the day. Side effects may include adoring these characters and breezing through the novel. When I finished, I sat back for a minute and was a little disappointed with how quickly I finished it.

The only (!!!!!!!!!) downside to More Than Just Mum is that I felt some things were left a bit unanswered. Or, at least, when it comes to my personal preference, I wanted just a little more to wrap things up. (This could be just me being greedy. I was an only child, after all.) Beyond that, I can't say enough good things about this novel and it left me feeling bubbly!
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